The Glowing Void Review

The menu screen beckons you to buy their games

The Glowing Void is one of those games that is very hard to describe in words/screenshots. Well actually, it isn’t. The premise is that you have to tap the screen to create voids in hope of filling up as much space as possible, all the while avoiding red dots (can also be called voids) that try to destroy your hard work. Sounds simple enough, but without careful concentration, the Glowing Void may just bust your balls (sorry). After the initial loading screen, you’ll find a rather bare bones menu screen with two game modes: Filler and Burst.

To create a void, you simply have to tap and hold on the screen while the void grows larger, releasing when necessary. While tapping, you can slide your finger around the screen to move the void, as well as tilt the device to alter the gravity of existing voids. These two techniques are necessary during the harder levels of the game.

In Filler mode, the objective is to fill up 70% of the screen with a limited amount of voids. The larger the void, the more points earned. However, red dots constantly fly across the screen, acting as an impediment to your void creating skills. The red dots, upon contact with your finger, cause you to lose a life (3 lives per level), and when lost, it’s an instant game-over sending you right back to the beginning. The red dots also react with finished voids, and it is very possible to trap the red dots between two or more voids. Each level adds another red dot, adding more mayhem as the player progresses.

In burst mode, the action is somewhat different. Upon entering, you have an option between an easy, medium, and hard difficulty. The levels have two red dots, three, and then five respectively. Instead of filling up the screen, the objective is to create the largest void possible. As opposed to piling up on the screen, the voids simply disappear after being created, leaving you to getting as high a score as possible. There is no level progression in this mode, you simply have to get as high a score as possible before inevitably losing.

Attempt at taking a screenie of burst mode

There is a certain depth of strategy to the Glowing Void that adds to its flair. The tilting and sliding mechanic are all welcome additions, but it all leads up to placement. Knowing where and when to place your void is key in mastering each of the filler levels, as well as finding strategies that work best for you. For example, in Filler mode, you can flick voids at other voids to send them flying into the air, easily altering the position of the red dots. Managing your voids in Filler Mode is also important in beating the level.

Aside from the gameplay, the game does a decent job in aesthetics. The voids change colors as they grow (from grey to blue, yellow, and then green). The “glow” theme compliments the game nicely, and its rather pleasing to look at different colored voids on the screen. The menu screens could use a bit of work, for sometimes the different colored voids at the game over screen cover up your score, which is written in white-text. Sound effects are spot on, and a catchy background track is supplied as well. It would be nice if you could play your own music in a game like this, but it isn’t a HUGE complaint.

After each game, you can submit and check your scores using the handily built in AGON network, a welcome addition that adds in online leaderboards.

Edit: A recent update improves a lot of the problems I had. Checking scores online now works tons better,and a new game mode has been added, Avoidance. It has you tilting the device to avoid red dots for as long as possible. I personally suck at it, but I definitely find it a fun little distraction. I can now wholeheartedly recommend the game now. Score has been bumped from 7 to 8.

iFanzine Verdict: Overall, The Glowing Void is an addictive and polished experience, with several fun perks and game modes, as well as awesome presentation, therefore making it a highly recommended experience.

Score: 7 out of 10
Here’s a video by the dev to help give you a better understanding of the gameplay: