Kickstarter Backers Dug ‘The Hole Story’ so Much, They Funded It by over 300%!


Wendy was just digging holes in her backyard one day — with dreams of becoming the next greatest archeologist ever — when she found a strange portal, which then immediately whisked her away to another time and place! Once there she quickly discovered that her best bet for returning home was for her to rescue the missing princess Alonna, whom had recently gone missing somewhere in the kingdom. With a plan for getting home now firmly placed on the table, Wendy set forth to solve every last puzzle and riddle standing in her way via the tool she understood best: her prized shovel!

So went the premise to The Hole Story — a two week demo created by seven different girls attending the Girls Make Games educational camp — that then won the grand prize at the first ever Girls Make Games’ Demo Day, as voted on by veterans such as Tim Schafer. With the game demo — which you can play here — successfully vetted by an entire cadre panel of industry experts, LearnDistrict Inc. — the people behind the Girls Make Games educational camp — began concocting plans to help the children flesh out their project. However, with LearnDistrict already busy with several games of their own — as well as having more Girls Make Games events coming up in the near future — they were in desperate need of additional capital in order to properly assist the winners on their way.

To this end LearnDistrict approached Kickstarter on the girls’ behalf with a humble request for $10,000 in funds, which the internet enthusiastically responded in turn by providing over 300% the amount asked. Because of this many stretch goals were squashed, and The Hole Story is now expected to arrive on a variety of systems such as: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Playstation, Xbox, and even various Nintendo platforms! Therefore — in case you were interested in seeing just how far seven girls from California can take their unique game play demo — you won’t have long to wait, as LearnDistrict currently expects to have a completed build done sometime around November this year.