Featured Image for The House of Tesla. It features The House of Tesla and the lgoog of the game under a dark bluish hue that represents the night sky.

The House of Tesla Is An Upcoming Title From The Makers of The House of Da Vinci

Blue Brain Games, the folks behind the popular 3D puzzle trilogy, The House of Da Vinci is cooking up a new game. Titled The House of Tesla, it’s set to drop on Steam for PC later this year and on iOS and Android after that. Want to know more about this game? Keep reading to know more!

What’s The House of Tesla?

It’s an adventure puzzler that will take you to some pretty creepy places. It centres on Tesla’s big project, the Wardenclyffe structure, and you get to play as Nikola Tesla. So, you tinker with his inventions and solve challenges from his perspective. Wardenclyffe was supposed to be a groundbreaking city powered by free wireless electrical energy, but things didn’t go as planned.

Now it’s all abandoned, and you try to figure out what went down. As you play, you’ll travel back in time to the Progressive Era in the USA. Flashbacks will show you how Wardenclyffe Tower came to be and eventually fell apart through Tesla’s eyes. Apart from the iconic Wardenclyffe Tower, The House of Tesla takes you to other real spots and abandoned machines created by Tesla.

What Kind Of Puzzles?

In The House of Tesla, you’ll be solving handcrafted puzzles that match Tesla’s complex mind. You’ll get to use a device that lets you see and manipulate the flow of electricity. The story unfolds with those flashbacks, painting a dynamic picture of Tesla’s life and inventions.

The title is likely saying that even scientists find some stories and myths tricky and hard to figure out. But in the end, science and mystery meet in the middle and find shared territory. If all this sounds interesting to you, head over to the official website of the game and give the teaser a watch!

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