The iFriday Roundup, No. 1

Wisp: Eira’s Tale Free for a Day

OpenFeint does a really cool thing — through some esoteric magic, they make one game freely downloadable on the App Store every day. Under today’s spell is Wisp: Eira’s Tale, which charmed us so much we ended up awarding it one of our rare five star reviews. If you read this within the next couple hours you can snatch up this gem without paying a penny! And if you miss it, there’s always the Lite to try out. Whether you’re an indie dev looking to get more coverage for your game or a cash-strapped iDevice owner, you can check here for more info on how this all works.

Hills of Glory: WWII King of the Hill Again?

Hills of Glory: WWII hit all the right spots with its swipe controls, gameplay depth, and breadth of content…right up until it stopped booting up after our review playthrough. With the latest update that just rolled out on July 19 in place, however, we can happily report that the game’s working again for us as much as we’ve tried it since then. The update writeup in the App Store only mentions an In-App Purchasing update specifically, so some caution might still be warranted. We’d love to get reports from anyone else who’s recently updated to Version 1.1.2, because this is a game very much worth salvaging! If you bought the game previously and happened to delete it, you should be able to go back to the App Store and re-download free of charge.

Fabled Lands About to Claim New Territory on iPhone/iPod Touch

iOS gamers looking for truly good storytelling have to search the App Store far and wide, which is why the exquisite writing in Megara Entertainment’s iOS port of the first Fabled Lands game book easily hooked us a few months back. iPad owners have been tearing into Fabled Lands: Cities of Gold and Glory for a whole month via In-App Purchase, and now iPhone and iPod Touch owners are about to get their shot at the same. It hasn’t landed quite yet, but it should any day now. A price of $6.99 USD appears likely for the content expansion.

Pirate Gunner Sets Sail

$1.99 may sound steep for a puzzle game these days, but if you’re on the fence you can let our hands-on impressions of Black Pearl Games’ and Lakoo’s PirateGunner ease any concern that it won’t live up to the price range. Our full review will pop out of the assembly line early next week, but as long as there hasn’t been some kind of sabotage in the game’s code since we sat down with it, we’re going to have a difficult time finding serious complaints.

Fantastic Knight Gets Even More Fantastic

Okay, so we’ve had lots of fun with the game’s title. That aside, we felt that it raised the bar for KRPGs when it released, and we’re simply awe-inspired by the amount of attention Minoraxis has lavished on it since then. The latest update has added new music, artwork, and savegame compatibility with a Lite version. And the update before that fleshed out some character animations. How do the people at Minoraxis find time for this when they’re working on Exitium? Little gnome helpers, maybe?

Cavorite‘s First Update Bound For Earth

Whether Cavorite is more an 8-bit or a 16-bit affair may be up for debate, but we loved each and every one of those bits either way. Cascadia Games recently gave us a sneak peek at their first update, which should be on its way to players shortly. Changes include some level design and timing tweaks, a leaderboard reporting fix, and cancellation of the level skip function if the player’s just re-playing a level or has the next one well in hand already.

Monkube Kick-Starts Retrobot Kickstarter Campaign With Extended Preview

No sooner did we finish our First Look at Retrobot than an extended preview meant for the game’s Kickstarter campaign issued forth from Monkube’s Youtube channel! We’re still keeping our sensors close to the grapevine for more details on this aspect of the project, but for now, it’s a great peek into the creative philosophy of Monkube and co., and a great excuse to wrap up this week’s iFriday Roundup with a video!