The iFriday Roundup, No. 10

Don’t Bug Out From This Freebie!

We went absolutely bug-eyed when we discovered Bug Heroes Quest – one of the best Action RPGs on iOS by our reckoning – is free as this writeup goes live. Essentially a retelling of the unique food stash defense title that was Bug Heroes, Quest brings the initial title’s excellent enemy design to a genre that badly needs it. Add in a multiple player character system, and it’s a sure winner for genre fans!

The App Store is a Bull Market

Requiem, the most heart-pounding running game ever to grace iOS, is also absolutely free for the next few hours! As we reported in our previous news roundup, Tribase Studios has much improved on this one since our review by way of a brand new interface scheme.

The Cheapest Links in Town

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing to do on your iDevice this weekend, there’s always golf. Electronic Arts were in touch to let us know that Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 has gone free for a limited time. Watch the PGA Tour this weekend or play it, it’s all up to you, tiger!

Zoombie Apocalypse Takes App Store by Storm

Here’s a tour of a much different kind — Zoombie Digger World Tour, to be precise. Crazy Bit were just in touch to let us know that the international-flavored follow-up to their quirky Castle Defense title has gone entirely free-to-play for a limited time. That includes removal of the In-App Purchase needed to access certain levels. If you’re a rabid zombie fanatic, you know what to do: download this app and start digging fresh graves!

Row, Row, Row Your Jet-Powered Boat

Captain Slobber, a whimsical, almost Parodius-like side-scrolling shoot ’em up, appears to have gone free for good judging from its latest update description. While it won’t be your cup of tea if you’re a Bullet Hell Shooter veteran, we found it a well-built title that casual players might enjoy sailing into.

BackStab Gets a Temporary Price Slash

One of the titles swept up in Gameloft’s ongoing back-to-school sale is BackStab, an ambitious Action/Adventure title. It was going for $6.99 when Kieran reviewed it back in June, but now you can have your fill of vengeful swash-buckling for just a dollar!

Happiness is a Warm Gun

The emotional wait for Warm Gun, Emotional Robots’ really awesome-looking, Wild West-inspired, Unreal-powered, post-apocalyptic First Person Shooter, is finally coming to an end! Via Indiedb, Emotional Robots informed the ravenous masses of FPS fans that Warm Gun has been submitted and will be released just as soon as it’s approved. iFanzine editor Ruan Shiels has been watching this title like a keen-eyed hawk ever since it was announced, but if you’re just tuning in and this is the first time you’ve heard of Warm Gun, be sure to scope out the iOS screenies on the game’s official site.

The Riot Erupts Sept. 29

Maybe FPS games aren’t your thing, but you could go for a shoot ’em up of the platforming, side-scrolling kind? Then next week will still be one to remember!  The folks at Retromite Studios were in touch to let us know RobotRiot has been dated for September 29th. You can read our hands-on impressions here; suffice it to say this is one worth looking forward to. As an added bonus, keep an eye out for Commander Pixman, which we expect to hit the App Store around the same time!

Reckless Getaway Gets More Content, Contest

Polarbit’s been hard at work buffing the finish on their brand of vehicular mayhem. It’s been awhile (actually, just a few weeks) since the new “Wreckless” mode, so the developer decided it was high time to add more tracks and a new player car — and bear in mind, it was already good pickings when Ruan reviewed the original release. Polarbit also tipped us off to a T-shirt competition that’s being run through their Facebook page!

Defeat Lord Evilz, Get $50

It seems Zen Wars gets a little more tantalizing with every passing week. The explosive improvement update and $0.99 sale mentioned in last weekend’s roundup have gone into effect, in addition to an intriguing Multiplayer mode challenge contest. It’s like a lottery where you get to fire cannons!

A Dynamite Update

We haven’t heard much out of ominously-named MurderDev since they released the intriguing logic puzzler Cave Dweller, but it turns out they’ve been busily mining through the game’s code and recently resurfaced with a UI upgrade. The way the game originally spread the left- and right-movement D-pad buttons on each side of the screen took some getting used to, so a slide-to-move option is certainly welcome!

Ask and Ye Shall Receive, Muffin Knight Edition

Speaking of UI upgrades, one of the things Sean wanted to see in Angry Mob Games’ Muffin Knight was an option to resize all its virtual buttons to the player’s taste. Lo and behold, like the fairy godmother who gifts the little kid-knight with all his costumes, the developers waved their magic wand and made it happen. Thanks Angry Mob!

Touchgameplay Preview of the Week

You might have noticed that we sometimes grab huge fifteen-minute gameplay videos from the Youtube channel Touchgameplay to round out our reviews and previews. Sanuku, the channel operator, has been known to work with developers in crafting his lengthy previews — definitely a tantalizing opportunity considering the channel’s near-400 subscribers and a view tally that’s about to cross the one million mark. Here’s Sanuku’s playthrough of the first fifteen minutes of Idyllic, FatCow Games’ iOS debut:

And don’t forget, Idyllic, Requiem, and Zen Wars are just some of the many games on offer in this weekend’s iOSAPPALOOZA!

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