The iFriday Roundup, No. 11

There’s More Jelly Where That Came From!

Earlier this week we gave a verdict on Jelly Defense, deciding that it’s the best thing since, well, sliced bread with jam. If you’re one of the many Tower Defense fans who’ve given this one a download, you probably noticed that there’s a “more games” ad tucked into its opening menu. The cool thing about this is, Infinite Dreams’ entire iOS lineup has gone on sale to celebrate Jelly Defense’s release! Among the developer’s apps that have gone free are Jelly Chronicles, Jelly Invaders, and iQuarium.

Freebie Feeding Frenzy

Ivaca Aracic’s The Greedy Sponge is still free at the App Store. In the dev’s own words: “GET IT WHILE IT’S FREE!” Especially if you could go for a neat mashup of Tetris and a Match-3 (actually, make that Match-5) game. You can check out our review here.


WEEKENDIOSAPPALOOZA, the hottest giveaway frenzy in town, is about to wrap up! If you haven’t entered yet, be sure to see what it’s all about here. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to snatch up great titles like Run Fox Run, Cavorite, Mission Europa, Requiem, Vermes on Mars, Zen Wars, Farm Frenzy 3, and many, many more! Remember, this doesn’t happen every day — it only happens when Doomfan can get around to organizing it!

Anthill Interview Giveaway Triples in Size

If you’re a fan of strategy games or a fan of good games in general, don’t forget that an Anthill giveaway has been bundled into our recent tell-all interview with developer Image & Form! Check the third interview page for contest details. As you can probably tell from our hands-on preview of the game, this is one you’ll be kicking yourself over if you miss out on the chance to score a free copy! Anthill will unleash the Real-Time Strategy goodness next Thursday, October 6.

Sign Up for Kairosoft School of Education Management Now, Get Tuition Decrease

Kairosoft’s expertly crafted school management sim, Pocket Academy, has all the gravitas of a black hole. That depth of content came with a fairly high price tag of $3.99 when we reviewed it, but now it’s on sale for $1.99! Definitely one to nab at 50% off if you’re a sim fan!

Tiny Defense Going for a Tiny Price

Genre fans who overlooked Pictosoft’s ultra-by-the-book approach to the Tower Defense and Castle Defense formula may want to have another look now that it’s going for only $0.99. This sale appears to coincide with the game’s first bugfix update.

The Edis Bros. to Divert Your Attention Once Again

The App Store contains many diversions, but there can be only one Diversion. Ezone’s crème de la crème 3D runner is starting to vie with Liv Games’ Legendary Wars for the game most transformed since its initial release, this time adding a bunch of new levels and a “Daily Secret Mega Prize.” There’s only one way to find out what the heck that even is, and that’s to download the latest update!

Naught Continues Defying Name With New Content

If you took the leap and made that In-App Purchase for all of Naught’s content, Blue Shadow Games looks to be well rewarding you with extra level packs and free expansions! Even if you’re just trying out this artistically noirish, free-to-play tilt fest, you’ve got an extra level to chew on compared to the release version.

Little Knight Gets a Lite

Just this week, Angry Mob Games let loose with a Lite version of Muffin Knight, the quirky arena platformer that gives you a new player character every few seconds. The Lite can apparently be converted to the full version via In-App Purchase. Additionally, the latest update to Muffin Knight has implemented Game Center Online Multiplayer.

Minoraxis Embraces Flex Fuels Versions

As of a few days ago, Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia represents one of the more interesting price model experiments in the App Store. If you opt for the FLEX version, you can essentially buy one of its four scenarios at a time following a free trial. It will definitely be interesting to see how this pans out.

The Voxel Agents Take a Break From Laying Down Train Tracks, Crunch Numbers

The Voxel Agents, best known for their Train Conductor series, caught our eye this week with the provocative conclusions of their recent round of mobile market research, submitted to Indiedb. The best thing about the article is that it’s very well sourced, so this is a great launching point for the statistically inclined to get their beaks wet with iOS industry research.

Ships Ahoy!

Directing our periscope at Bane Games’ Facebook page for Battle Group this week, we were ecstatic to see a not-so-cryptic screen cap of their App Store submission status! There’s no specific release date yet, but you can check out our hands-on preview of Battle Group while you’re waiting. Check back on the other side of the weekend for our interview with the developer! This is yet another Q&A that is not to be missed.

War Games to Commence Soon

If you’re more Army than Navy – or more Turn-Based Strategy fan than rail shooter aficionado – TOME Studios has you covered. The developer of Danger Alliance: Battles has announced via their Twitter feed that their long-awaited, WWII-inspired TBS game has been submitted to the App Store. Again, no word on a solid release date, but you can tide over your hunger with our hands-on preview!

Making Extraterrestrial Planets a Little More Like Home, One Animal at a Time

If you loved Alawar’s Farm Frenzy 3 as much as we did but are yearning for something a little more, shall we say, “out of this world,” you might be interested in this bit of release news that just landed in our inbox. Alawar’s latest game, the iPad version of Terrafarmers, recently went live in the App Store, and its gameplay appears to be in a similar vein. If you don’t own an iPad, don’t hold your breath — there’s an iPhone and iPod Touch version in the works, but it’s strictly a 2012 kinda thing.

Touchgameplay Preview of the Week

Congrats to Touchgameplay on reaching 1 million YouTube views! You might have noticed that we sometimes grab huge fifteen-minute gameplay videos from this channel to round out our reviews and previews. Sanuku, the channel operator, has been known to work with developers in crafting his lengthy previews — definitely a tantalizing opportunity considering the channel’s 400 subscribers and a view tally that makes most YouTubers salivate. Here’s part two of Sanuku’s Shadowgun playthrough. Could our video choice have anything to do with an upcoming giveaway contest? Hmm…maybe.

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