The iFriday Roundup, No. 12

Wildlings Go Free (For a Limited Time)

Metamoki’s cute take on the Castle Defense genre has gone free for a while, courtesy of FreeAppADay. This happy news coincides with a big update that ushers in a new bubble-popping special attack. It also lets the player unlock the final set of levels merely by liking the game on Facebook — normally the player has to collect tons and tons of items to achieve this feat. You can check out our review of the game here!

Waging Intergalactic War Just Got Cheaper

Whoa! 11 bit studios’ and Chillingo’s reverse-Tower Defense hit, Anomaly: Warzone Earth, recently went half price. Not only that, but an entire gameplay mode called “Squad Assault Rearmed” has been added as well. Evidently new players can’t select the new mode right off — it seems to be an unlockable, which should give Anomaly vets a good reason to come back for some more strategic alien-busting action.

Weekend Bake Sale

Alawar Entertainment is throwing a $0.99 sale on Farm Frenzy 3, their time and resource management game about turning chickens, eggs, and other farm products and into baked goods. As you can see in the linked review, we thought the port was expertly done and the game’s going for 66% off, making this a fantastic opportunity for management sim fans.

Exitium Enters Sale Period

Last week we reported that Minoraxis is trying an interesting price model with Exitium: Saviors of Vardonia, releasing a pay-per-scenario version, with each costing $0.99. Now, for a limited time, your inner KRPG lover has a chance to nab the whole package at that rock-bottom price!

Dashing Around Now Even Easier in Stardash

Sean had no complaints with the interface OrangePixel’s Stardash released with, but the developer submitted an update that improved it anyway! Virtual buttons have come a long way on iOS since the dark ages of super-finicky D-pads, and it’s great to see developers go the extra mile to polish up their interfaces.

Bobby Gets New Interface Option

If you have both an iPhone and an iPad handy, that is! Joypad support is quickly becoming all the rage, and Nooskewl’s latest physics/action puzzler has joined the ranks of games that have adapted to Zell Applications’ controller app. Nooskewl also uploaded a YouTube video to show off the results!

The Battle Group Sets Sail

Destination: the App Store. Day of Arrival: October 14. Next week is shaping up superbly already, promising tons of really neat releases — did Christmas come early or something? Anyway, you can check out our preview of Bane Games’ upcoming rail shooter while the ships are in transit, and don’t forget our interview with the developer if you’re curious to learn more about this great studio from Down Under!

D-Day Approacheth

Just hours ago TOME Studios added to the good release news via their website. Danger Alliance: Battles, their World War II-inspired take on the Turn-Based Strategy (TBS) genre, will touch down on October 12. If the preview build we received a few months back is any indication, this is definitely one to keep on your radar if you’re  a genre fan!

New Game Spotted on Retromite Dev Blog

You know, Sean says there was a time when he worried about sprites disappearing from videogames entirely. Well, that won’t happen if devs like Retromite have anything to do with it! Their latest blog entry indicates that they’re revisiting the RobotRiot universe, this time with cool robot battle suits! What could this mean, exactly? We have no idea yet, but this sounds like a great excuse to whip out our RobotRiot review and interview with the devs responsible for all this sprite-based mechanical mayhem!

Lab Rats Studio Beta Tester Call

While checking up on Lab Rats Studio’s Twitter feed to see if we could find any more news on their upcoming third-person shooter, we found none other than a beta testing announcement! Now, don’t jump the gun yet — it doesn’t start until November and the linked page appears to be blank for now. You’ll want to keep an eye on the link if you’re keen to get your hands on this one early, though!

Touchgameplay Video of the Week

Sanuku’s YouTube channel, Touchgameplay, continues to be a hub for iOS previews. Sanuku just put the finishing touches on an entire walkthrough of The Dark Meadow, this week’s AAA horror release. And boy, is it scary indeed — don’t watch this in the dark! Let’s leave you with a sample of the game in action:

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