The iFriday Roundup, No. 13

Here’s a Cool Freebee

Michael Buettner’s Necta Collecta has gone free for a limited time. Not only that, but with the latest update in place, players can unlock hats to adorn their hex-trotting insect heroes. Hmm, do we sense a new trend on iOS? You can read our review of the original release for more background, bearing in mind the developer has put a metric ton of additional work into it since then.

Don’t Forget Our Ongoing Contests!

As a reminder, two huge giveaways are still going on at iFanzine! See here for your chance to win great titles like The Dark Meadow, Vertex Blaster, Super Bit Dash and Arcade Jumper! (PS: put that Twitter account of yours to work here for an extra chance at Super Bit Dash!) Secondly, three $10 iTunes gift cards are going away here in celebration of Q Pang’s free status, thanks to developer BOBTAN Studios and Appsasia!

Electronic Arts Tosses Confetti, Nobody Complains

Tons of E.A. titles are on sale to celebrate the release of the iPhone 4S! Chances are if we’ve reviewed a game published under the E.A. label, it’s going for $0.99 right now. That includes Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp (Our Verdict Here); Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon (Our Verdict Here); Dead Space (Our Verdict Here); Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Our Verdict Here); MMA (Our Verdict Here); Reckless Racing (Our Verdict Here); Mirror’s Edge (Our Verdict Here); and Heroes Lore III (Our Verdict Here).

Burn the City Gets Dragon-Size Update

Yes, we love it when updates this big roll in! Burn the City was already a great physics puzzler when Sean reviewed it over the summer, but now there’s lots more territory to raze thanks to an additional campaign and a brand-new endless mode!

In App Space, Everyone Else but You Can Hear You Scream

iFanzine editor Ruan Shiels no doubt remembers how much havoc he caused in his household while reviewing Scream ‘n’ Run, one of the more interesting games to come our way in a while. The latest update introduces background music in the game, which should come as a relief to players who love this one but were tired of listening to themselves shout their lungs out. Anyone else in the house, or on the bus, now…they’re still out of luck!

Which Game Gets a Pre-Halloween Update? Take a Wild Guess

Kieran’s hopes for additional content in Call of Mini: Zombies continue to live on! The latest update invites players to kick some zombie asphalt in New York City, with a brand-new character to boot! If there were a Nobel Prize for App Store Updates, Triniti Interactive would surely secure a nomination by now.

How “Unexpected”

Certain things are obvious, and then there are those things that seem obvious only in hindsight. Zombie-themed games getting updates just before Halloween? Of course! We could have seen that coming a mile away. Pumpkins being shot out of a cannon meant for watermelons? Now, that is ingenious. Developer Batuhan Akalin saw the opportunity and created a Halloween edition of Melon Truck. This is yet another case where a developer has achieved success – or at least racked up an impressive number of App Store ratings – by ushering in lots of updates after release.

Seriously, it’s Not What You’re Thinking

We thought for sure Hans-Juergen Richstein had Halloween in mind when he created a “ghost track” for Dash Race’s latest update, but it turns out that it’s a feature to let the player compare with his or her previous performance. Also noteworthy in this update is an aesthetic option to assist color blind players. Way to go, dev!

In Soviet Russia, Developers Interview YOU!

Game developers are often peppered with interview requests (you can see our interview with Fatcow Games, for example). Now Fatcow Games has turned the tables on Doomfan, beta tester extraordinaire and the all-around cool guy responsible for organizing the iOSAPPALOOZA contests. Seriously, how awesome is that?

Touchgameplay Preview of the Week

After games like Infinity Blade (see Jay’s in-depth review here) and the more recent Shadowgun (freshly reviewed by Ruan here), it’s pretty much a given that iOS will soon compete head-to-head with the major consoles. It’s also great to reflect on some of the titles that presaged this trend even earlier, which is why we were ecstatic to see Fishlabs’ HD re-release of Galaxy on Fire 2 pop up on Sanuku’s YouTube channel. If you’re one of the few sci-fi fans who haven’t given this one a download yet, here’s a reminder you’ll be thankful for after you make the leap:

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