The iFriday Roundup, No. 15

It’s High Time for an In Time Freebie

It’s October 28, and if you’re an avid follower of Justin Timberlake’s movie career you know why this day is significant: it’s time for In Time to hit theaters! And if you’ve got an iDevice you can pick up Fox Mobile’s tie-in game for free. iFanzine editor Ruan Shiels called this one “more worthy of your time than the average film tie-in,” so if you’re a fan of running games this is one you’ll want to hurry up and grab before time runs out! It’ll go back to its usual price on October 29.

Private Joe Set Free

Also going free today is Private Joe: Urban Warfare, a retro run-and-gun platformer courtesy of “Bazooka” Ben Chong. Sean found it pretty rough around the edges when he reviewed it earlier this month, but it’s still got plenty of old school charm. If you’re a retro fan, why not give it a go at the magic price of free?

Guess Which Game Just Got a Big Update and Went Free

“Hey, another week has passed — I wonder if Legendary Wars updated again?” Sure enough, when we asked that question and checked in at the App Store, we found yet another neat content upgrade waiting for us. Not only that, but Legendary Wars is free to pick up as part of a weekend Halloween promotion!

Polarbit Holds Seasonal Sale

Polarbit, the developer that brought us the road rage racer Reckless Getaway earlier this year, has slashed prices on all its games down to $0.99 — and notice that Reckless Getaway itself is going for free right now! To see Polarbit’s entire App Store lineup at a glance, you can click “View More By This Developer” at the top-right corner of Reckless Getaway‘s App Store product page. 

Out With the Old, In With the New

Sunfish Studio has started an ambitious slate of updates for their star-trotting sci-fi Action RPG, Galaxy Pirate Adventure. When we gave GPA the in-depth review treatment we noted a lackluster script, and the first update boasts a complete re-translation! This isn’t just a few edits here and there, but an entirely refurbished and much more natural script. Here’s a before and after comparison of some early dialogue for reference. Additional changes in the first update include making it easier for the player to find ship building materials, which is certainly welcome! Don’t forget that you’ve still got a chance to win this mammoth title in this week’s giveaway!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Anti-Gravity Engines!

Monster Robot Studios promised a new contest to go with every update they make to GravCat, and it’s a promise they’re keeping! On October 31 the dev will be releasing an update that adds ten Halloween-themed levels, and a diabolical performance-driven contest to go with them. Here are the details straight from the dev: “In one of the ten new levels there is a blue pumpkin. You need to find it, then use your tractor beam to place it on three different checkered locations scattered throughout the stage, taking a screen shot each time. The first person to post the three pictures wins! The prize is a $10 iTunes gift certificate.”

Here’s how to take a screencap with your iPhone or iPod Touch, by the way. Contestants presumably submit their photos via the game’s Facebook wall. In case an image host comes in handy, we recommend imgur or Photobucket.

HoverWorlders Throw Halloween Party

The Edis Brothers are dressing up their runners for a spooky Diversion to celebrate the season! The latest update released this week has been adding a daily monster character to unlock, and will continue doing so until October 31. Players will also appreciate Diversion’s recently implemented iCloud support!

Now it’s a Little Easier to Punch Through Mage Gauntlet

When we gave Rocketcat’s breakout Action RPG the in-depth review treatment we called it many things, and “easy” certainly wasn’t one of them! Players who love its slick interface, cool magic system, and sprawling environments, but have trouble managing the hordes of orcs and other monsters, can rejoice now that Rocketcat’s revamped the game’s difficulty curve in multiple ways. And don’t forget that you can still win Mage Gauntlet by entering this week’s giveaway contest!

No Robot Left Behind

If you’re a studied expert on the Real Steal mythos and you also own an iDevice, chances are you’ve been scratching your head over why Atom and Zeus were left out of the ring in the videogame tie-in. Now they’ve entered the fray in the latest update!

Arcade Jumper! Now Walks, Chews Gum Simultaneously

If there’s one pet peeve Sean has, it’s lack of multitasking/backgrounding ability in an iOS game. We were glad to find out that Black Hive Media added this all-important feature in their latest update to Arcade Jumper!, the retro platformer that’s sure to remind you of your arcade-playing days in more ways than one.

Miralupa Wants You to Look Into Their Beta!

Miralupa, developers of the snazzy upcoming Augmented Reality game Chromian Wars, are seeking beta testers to give them feedback on how the game’s shaping up! You can read our recent interview with Miralupa to find out more about the game, and if that doesn’t convince you that it’s totally cool and that you should sign up for the beta test team, maybe this video will!

Are you an iOS videogame developer or publisher with a cool update, video, or other news that you want to get out to the masses? iFanzine probably has an eye on you already, but don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Twitter feed or Contact page. We want to fill our iFriday Roundups with all your beautiful stuff!