The iFriday Roundup, No. 17

Holy Cats! This is What We Call a Real Steal

Even the stealthy Pickpawcket couldn’t evade our watchful eyes; we saw this one sneaking around completely free at the App Store while doing our weekly news check! This is kind of a big deal, because not only is it an awesome 2D stealth game in our opinion, but it’s received a ton of new content since our review. Definitely one sweet bowl of catnip you don’t want to miss while this opportunity lasts!

No. Freaking. Way.

Long ago it was prophesied that the stars would align on 11.11.11 and bring about a great historical event of momentous importance. Like Shadowgun going on sale for $0.99, for example. We don’t really need to explain why this is so awesome, but for good measure, here’s our review for you to read while you’re busy getting this baby onto your iDevice if you haven’t already!

Guess What E.A.’s Doing Again!

Yep, it’s that time of the week — time to lug out the list of E.A. titles we’ve covered that are on sale right now: Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon (Our Verdict Here); Dead Space (Our Verdict Here); and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Our Verdict Here).

Chicken Walker Mech Sighted; Shoots Lasers and Promo Codes 

iFanzine isn’t the only one handing out games to random winners this week! Also running a giveaway is The Red Thing, developer of iDamaged. With the tank-like bipedal mech just about ready to roll off the assembly line and into the App Store, the developer has announced that everyone who signs up for the release notification email has a chance at one of five promo codes that will be passed out once the game hits! Don’t forget to check out our updated impressions too.

Ravenmark Soundtrack Marches Forth

Give praise to Matre, Ravenmark fans, because the game’s OST has gone live on Josh Whelchel’s website! What’s really cool is that you can listen to the entire album free of charge, and buy it through PayPal if you happen to love it as much as we do and want to download it. If you’re a fan of epic game music and still have your copy of Masaharu Iwata’s and Hitoshi Sakimoto’s Final Fantasy Tactics score sitting around somewhere, chances are you’ll be tapping your toes to the beat of Ravenmark’s battle themes too. Don’t just take our word for it; check out tracks #1, #4, #8, #22, and #27 for some quick highlights of Josh’s epic orchestral skills!

Subreddit Devoted to iOS Games Started

And none too soon! If you’re an iOS-conscious redditor, chances are you’ve found that it’s darn difficult to sift through all the platforms discussed at r/IndieGaming/, and r/iPhone/ draws in links to game and non-game apps alike. That’s where r/iOSGaming/ comes in! It’s off to a promising start, with 600+ subscribers in its first two weeks of existence. Can you help push it over 9000?

Bag It! Set to Release November 17

Hidden Variable Studios were just in touch to let us know that their debut puzzle game, described as “Tetris meets Toy Story,” will be releasing next Thursday. From the developer: “Bag It! is an exciting new puzzle game where you try and fit grocery characters into a bag as quickly as possible, trying not to crush them. Manage fragility, weight, and size to complete the perfect bag.” Hey, we’ve done everything on iOS by now, so this isn’t all that outlandish. We’ll have a review on the 17th!

Bullet Time Set to Release November 17

Also vying for your dollars that day will be Kiloo Games’ Bullet Time, confirmed in the launch trailer that just went up on YouTube. We’re on just as many pins and needles as you are to discover how this one turned out, and you can read our interview with the developer during the wait.

Commander Pixman Draws First Blood

While we were checking into Commander Pixman’s first big update – which includes 45 new levels, by the way! – we found that One Minute Games has made an entire level pack available for free as a separate app! This is something you’ll definitely want to check into if you’re a retro platforming enthusiast.

Idyllic Gets Paradisiacal Update

FatCow Games is lathering extra polish onto Idyllic, a game we found extremely impressive for bringing real depth to the infinite side-scrolling genre. If the falls weren’t deadly enough for you, now players can look forward to new enemies, and in earlier segments! It looks like the developer is gearing up for a big in-game contest, and we’ll fill you in on the details when we find out more!

Huge Super Bit Dash Update in the Works

Fakepup’s debut swipe-controlled running game is already a super side-scroller in our opinion, and it looks set to get better with age. In their latest Indiedb news post, the developer reveals that new corridors are being stirred in and that the player will be able to put extra coins to use by purchasing new player characters, as well as upgrades for the bulky-but-fast marathon man himself.

Yes, I Know the Muffin Man Who’s Updating Again

The content updates just keep rolling in for Angry Mob Games’ Muffin Knight, the arena switcharoo-fest that’s liable to give players multiple personality disorder. This time around the developer’s added the Sumo Panda to the roster of creatures the player character transforms into every time he reaches for a muffin.

Siegebreaker Preview Video Surfaces

Last week we brought you a hands-on preview of Siegebreaker, possibly the most outlandish Real-Time Strategy game that’s likely to hit iOS any time soon! Now here’s the preview video showing off some of that tilt-controlled Rolling Stones action, courtesy of Crazy Monkey Studios:

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