The iFriday Roundup, No. 18

This Freebie is Hot, Hot, Hot!

Big Blue Bubble’s burning up the App Store today by making Burn the Rope: Worlds free! As you can tell from our review, this is one we completely recommend snatching up while the opportunity lasts if you’re a casual puzzle game fan. Just be careful you don’t knock over any candles while you’re busy tilting your iDevice!

Vidia Games on the Cheap

Vidia were just in touch to let us know they’ve got a one-two punch promotion going on in the App Store, and we think few will complain! Their side-scrolling shoot ’em up, Kyotokei: Polarity Shooter is free for a few days, and their 3D pixel racing game – aptly titled 3D Pixel Racing – is also on sale for $0.99.

The Wildlings Go Free Again

Also freely downloadable today is Metamoki’s Wildlings, which is probably in the running for most adorable Castle Defense game on iOS. It looks like the latest update may have introduced severe crashing issues on third gen iDevices judging from App Store reports, but the update runs normally on the iPod Touch 4 at least. Here’s our review of the release version.

Anthill Strategically Updates, Goes on Sale

Real-Time Strategy fans who haven’t picked up Image & Form’s Anthill yet can do so for only $0.99 today, and now the game features an Infinity mode for battle-hardened arthropods to feast on. That’s not all the developers have up their sleeves though — look forward to a brand-new set of campaign levels soon!

Jelly Defense Soundtrack Wobbles Into iTunes

Jelly fans can give themselves a pat on the back, because all their pleading for a Jelly Defense soundtrack release has finally paid off! Check out Hipki’s strangely addictive alien songs for the game here! Also, Jelly Defense is currently on sale at the App Store.

Infinity Blade Soundtrack Slices up Amazon, et al.

Hold on, iOS soundtrack enthusiasts, the good news isn’t over! The Infinity Blade OST just released on the 17th, and you have a wide selection of sources: Amazon, iTunes, and Zune. ChAIR’s press release: “From acclaimed composer Josh Aker (Shadow Complex, Undertow, Infinity Blade), Infinity Blade: Original Soundtrack features the original music from Infinity Blade and the highly anticipated Infinity Blade II. The 25-track album includes the lush orchestral and world music elements that define the soundscape of the best-selling video game created by ChAIR Entertainment.”

Black Lab Set to Release Star Hammer Tactics for iPad Next Week

If you’re a Turn-Based Strategy fan equipped with an iPad and a love of starships, you’ll probably want to keep an eye out for Star Hammer Tactics. Australian PR firm Surprise Attack were in touch to let us know that Black Lab Games’ TBS debut is set to warp from the PlayStation Store into the App Store on November 24! Sadly, an iPhone/iPod Touch version isn’t currently on the table, but we’ll let you know if that changes.

Recluse Industries Reveals Next Game

If you’ve been with us for a while you may remember how much we loved Recluse Industries’ Surveillant, a rather scary game of hide-and-seek that involves heat lasers. Martin Wheeler revealed over Twitter this week that his next project will be Go! Robo! As for what this one will involve exactly, your guess is as good as ours — looks like we’ll have to get back in touch to learn more before it releases in early 2012! You can find out more about the developer in last February’s interview in the meantime.

CAVE Announces Bug Princess

Shoot ’em up fans who like lots of adorable stirred into their Bullet Hell will no doubt take interest in Bug Princess, for which CAVE released some preview footage and an info page this week. You’ll recall that their most recent game, Deathsmiles, earned top honors in our Halloween Buyer’s Guide this year!

Battle Group Dev Diaries Released

Bane Games hit a home run with Battle Group, a stellar rail shooter that sailed into the App Store last month. To give fans some more background on the game, the developers have begun releasing video diaries on their YouTube channel. The videos released so far cover the game’s user interface and story.

First Ravenmark Update Shows That the Little Things Matter

If you were holding off on Ravenmark after the review because we were among the few lucky people on earth with access to a copy that worked on the iPod Touch 4, you’ll be glad to hear that Version 1.01 landed in the App Store earlier this week. Included in the first update are a ton of extra touches to help players keep track of their unit commands, the ability to skip tutorials we were hoping for, and the most important thing every game must have: fog effects!

Mystery Ball Update Rolls Out

David Howe’s Mystery Ball was already a fine ball roller when we first reviewed it, but the developer’s put in the extra work to address one of our gripes since then — gotta love it when that happens! Now Doodad placement is available at all times, and not to mention the game no longer requires that your iDevice be upgraded to iOS 5. Be sure to check out our interview with the developer for good measure!

More Poultry Stuffed Into Chicken Coup Remix

Nor is Puppy Punch Productions one to fly the coop when it comes to post-release support! Not only has Chicken Coup Remix received a new level in the latest update, but now it gives the player an easier time grabbing all those pesky foxes.

Mojo Bones Unveils Tongue Tied Gameplay Trailer

New developer Mojo Bones were in touch this week to let us know they’ve released the first gameplay trailer for their debut title, Tongue Tied, shown below. This mix of physics puzzle and side-scroller has got us wagging our tails, so you know we just had to grab an interview opportunity with the studio behind it! While you’re waiting for that, check out Mojo Bones’ website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed for the latest on this one.

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