The iFriday Roundup, No. 2

Big Sticky Ushers in Big Savings for New Big Bad Brush Fans

In celebration of their latest release (see our iFanzine Verdict here), Big Bad Brush is making Big Bad Flower, Kung Fu Santa, and Kung Fu Master free for the week ending August 2. You might be worried sick while waiting to see if Congress raises the U.S. debt ceiling, but you can’t say Big Bad Brush didn’t do their part to cheer you up in the meantime!

To Fu: The Trials of Chi Not Just Updated, But Free!

Holy soy serendipity, Batman! When we checked on this HotGen release from last month, we found that it’s free right as this article goes live! So, To Fu or Not To Fu? You can ask Tim, who was impressed with the sheer number of ideas the devs crammed into its 100+ levels. Make that 130 levels now, because ten were just added in its latest update.

Nooskewl’s Monstrous Giveaway

From now until the end of August, you might just nab a free copy of Monster RPG 2 by downloading the Lite and offering feedback on what you’ve seen so far via the feedback form on the game’s official site. If you’re into retro style RPGs, why not help a dev for a chance to win the full version in return? Sean’s almost embarrassed to dig up his second iFanzine Verdict from so, so long ago, but you can learn lots more about it there.

Call of Mini: Zombies Gives Players More Flesh to Feast On

Kieran was hoping for a little more flesh on the bones when he reviewed Triniti Interactive’s super-deformed zombie fest last month, and it appears the developer has heard loud and clear! A new game environment appears set to hit in August, and new weapons and playable characters are already on tap. Doesn’t it feel great to have Christmas in the middle of summer?

Astro Crow Aims for Stratosphere With Last Ace of Space Updates

The developers of The Last Ace of Space, which caught the eye of iFanzine editor Ru Shiels last April, have been busily heaping on additional content for players to run through. The latest is a new challenge mode, though we’re told only the most skilled cosmonauts will be able to unlock it — and only then if they use their farting pig friends most effectively.

Legendary Wars Gets Legendary-er

It’s pretty much a given that Legendary Wars has a bunch of content updates waiting for you every time you check up on it. This time around it lets you refer a friend and get precious in-game items as a reward, and now all those zombies have more brains. An entire new Arena mode is planned next. So, how are you going to convince your friends to buy Legendary Wars if they haven’t already? You could always start them off with our review from last February.

Jesus Saves. Now, So Does iRBot

Poor iRBot just couldn’t get a break from Sean, who pointed out its sore lack of an auto-save at the time. Tigertail Games has since gone back and updated to restore the missing functionality, and they’ve also offered up a Lite in case anyone wants to second guess our iFanzine Verdict risk-free! We’ve confirmed that it’s multi-task enabled so the player no longer loses progress when making the game a background process on one’s iDevice. However, we’re still looking for the auto-save advertised in the update; maybe it’s triggered only when the player finishes a level?

Ask a Dev, Get an Answer, Lunar Style

The fact that Lunar: The Silver Star has come out on just about every system already doesn’t make its journey to iOS any less exciting. What’s even more exciting is that SoMoGa has sent an envoy to talk directly with fans; if you count yourself part of the Lunarian fan base, check out the game’s thread at Touch Arcade before this rare opportunity ends! That the Sega Saturn version of Lunar: Silver Star Story will be the source of the iOS port has been revealed, but what’s really piqued our curiosity is the SoMoGa employee’s musings on porting Lunar 2: Eternal Blue and even working on (gasp!) a new game in the series. Apparently, the more fans bombard SoMoGa and Game Arts with requests to that effect, the fewer grains of salt you have to take this with!

The Game Formerly Known as Brave Code

…Gets a new name! Lakoo has re-christened it Hero’s Way, and it is our expert opinion that you should keep an eye on it if you’re an Action RPG fan. You think information on the game is scarce, do you? Hah, you haven’t read our hands-on preview, then!

Retrobot Goes Modern With Kickstarter Project

Monkube and Endeavor Bros. have officially kicked off their Kickstarter page with the full lowdown on how the Kickstarter collection for Retrobot integrates with the game’s overall development plan. It appears Retrobot will definitely be coming out for iOS sometime this Fall regardless of how the Kickstarter project pans out, with its release schedule on numerous additional platforms pending. A pledge of $250 USD gets backers a spot on the writing focus group mentioned in our First Look article, and there’s talk of limousines and one’s likeness appearing in the game’s comic at donation levels beyond that. Hey, you gotta admit — this is all way better than those dinky little prizes we got for selling candy bars door-to-door back in grade school.

World Without End Seeks a Beginning

Speaking of comics and Kickstarter projects: Steve Uy is off to a promising start as he gathers funding for his completely hand-drawn take on the Strategy RPG genre! Why is this cool? Because you’ve got a guy who’s worked for Marvel Comics making eight-directional sprite sheets, that’s why! Not to mention the intriguing free roam adventure/Strategy RPG mashup style Steve has planned. There’s so much to geek out over about this, it isn’t even funny. We’ll leave you with his Kickstarter video for a preview of the game’s planned content:

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