The iFriday Roundup, No. 26

Friday Freebies

The devs are out in full force to prove that Christmas isn’t over yet! XMG Studio’s sleeper hit Powder Monkeys is free at the moment, but catch it fast, because it doesn’t look like this sale will continue much longer. As we reported in last October’s review, this is one you should totally pick up at that price if you’re an RPG, Action RPG, or RTS fan who’s up for a tough resource management challenge.

Also going free today is Bulkypix’s Crazy Escape, a casual line drawing/logic puzzle game we enjoyed quite a bit when we gave it a spin last December. Crazy Escape happens to be celebrating a 25-level content expansion!

Just as we were about to publish this article, more good news rolled in! Shake Spears!, a truly awesome jousting game from Alawar Entertainment and Wake Up Studios, is free for the nabbing right now. Here’s the HD version if you’re playing on an iPad.

Finally, Full Fat were in touch to let us know that their hit sports title Flick Soccer is going free all weekend, in celebration of the lofty success NFL Flick Quarterback is enjoying in the UK App Store.

This Week’s Sales Roundup

We’re still working our way through smuttlewerk’s Time of Heroes, but you can read our interview with the developer and catch it on sale in the meantime.

Also due on the other side of the weekend is our review of KEMCO’s Fantasy Chronicle, which released on sale this week.

A sale on The Game Bakers’ Squids is always a good thing, and don’t forget that the soundtrack just released this week too!

Finally, CAPCOM has deeply slashed the price of Street Fighter IV: Volt for a few days.

Anthill Gets a Content Update and a Free Campaign

RTS fans have two great reasons to jump back into Image & Form’s Anthill, which we praised way back in October. This week the devs have just added a new campaign to the regular version, but a Free version gives the Anthill fan more unique content not available in the main game. And if you’re not an Anthill fan already, we have a feeling you will be if you take the free campaign for a spin!

RoboHero Swag Alert

We just can’t get enough of Bravado Waffle Studios’ debut title, which came pretty close to nabbing a perfect score from us earlier this week. Bravado Waffle just keeps the treats flowing, passing another cubee and the game’s soundtrack our way so we could share them with our readers!

Cascadia Games Announces Cavorite Sequel

We adored last summer’s puzzle platformer Cavorite, so you can imagine how excited we are about the sequel recently unveiled at the developer’s website. While we only have three screens to go on at present, there’s already a promise of dozens of levels and new gameplay elements like swimming.

Miralupa Augments Augmented Reality Debut

Miralupa just released an out-of-this-world update for Chromian Wars, addressing several issues we raised in last December’s critique of the intriguing AR-enhanced title. Clarified tutorial text, improved collision detection, a solution for the virtual joystick/unit info conflict, and the player’s ability to keep units moving (albeit slower) when the driver’s been knocked out combine to make Chromian Wars much more polished than it was at release! It’s free to try, so there’s no excuse not to check it out if you’re into tank combat games or just interested in the future of Augmented Reality gaming.

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