The iFriday Roundup, No. 28

Friday Freebies

Czech developer Radovan Kotrla was in touch earlier this week to let us know that Fish Fillets Next Generation has been ported to iOS and is available for free. It’s an unassuming slider puzzle game in the Sokoban tradition, but our hearts were captured by a detailed Wikipedia article that reveals its fascinating history. New marketing technique, anyone? In any case, its fans are so devoted that they’ve taken it upon themselves to port it to as many platforms as possible under the GNU license, so why not give it a download and see what all the excitement is about? Check this week’s video roll below for some gameplay footage.

Fish Fillets Next Generation looks to be free forever, but the free sale on In Time will no doubt expire in due time. Check out our review here.

And don’t forget that Don’t Run With a Plasma Sword is free for the nabbing this weekend! This is one you should absolutely not miss in our humble opinion. Also check out the hilarious user manual video XperimentalZ released earlier this week if you haven’t already!

Finally, iPad-owning Instagram fans will want to check out Ivica Aracic’s Instamory for free this weekend. Find out more about the app here, and we also have an interview with the developer here.

Sales Roundup

The $4.99 USD price tag usually attached to Another World is enough to keep some on the fence given how short the experience is, but the current $1.99 sale makes this golden oldie feel much more glorious.

Also on sale is Big Blue Bubble’s Dark Incursion, which is going for $0.99 right now in celebration of an update that adds iCade support and a customizable interface.

Across Age DX, a great Action RPG that usually goes for $2.99, is enjoying a $0.99 sale this weekend too.

Fall of Angels Gets a Truly Heavenly Update!

What impresses us most here at iFanzine? That’s right — devs going the extra mile to polish their work. We thought Kevin Mitchell and Lee Pattinson had already brought us a real indie gem in Fall of Angels, but it sparkles all the more thanks to an update that adds a run button, fixes a broken UI option, drops more hints, and retouches some environments so exits are more easily seen, among a slew of improvements. This is like the Final Fantasy VII of indie RPGs, folks.

Warm Gun Turns Up the Heat in Bugfix Update

Emotional Robots’ much anticipated debut underwhelmed at release thanks to poor stability, enemy AI and controls. Now the developer’s back with a huge update that addresses many of the issues raised by press and players alike, plus more content and a $1.99 sale! That saying “Happiness is a warm gun” might just pan out after all, because the update has been very well received on the App Store so far.

iDamaged Updates Just Keep Walking Into App Store

We were going to belatedly report iDamaged’s January 26 update, but lo and behold, a February 2 update snuck in too! Now iDamaged has a Lite edition and supports the 60beat® GamePad (which you can still win courtesy of Nooskewl, by the way!). TheRedThing’s YouTube channel led us to a cool video review of the GamePad, and you can see it in this week’s video gallery below.

In Soviet Russia, Devs Interview YOU! Part II

FatCow Games, developers of Idyllic, have been doing something really cool in interviewing their biggest fans. Their latest Player Spotlight gives Idyllic fan Erik Choong center stage, and what do you know — WEEKENDIOSAPPALOOZA gets a mention as the force that introduced him to the game! FatCow are also asking mysterious questions about everyone’s favorite genres on Facebook. Hmm, what could it mean?

Are you an iOS videogame developer or publisher with a cool update, video, or other news that you want to get out to the masses? iFanzine probably has an eye on you already, but don’t hesitate to get in touch via our Twitter feed or Contact page. We want to fill our iFriday Roundups with all your beautiful stuff!