The iFriday Roundup, No. 31

Friday Freebies

Boolba Labs were just in touch to let us know that their level-based, spell-flinging side-scroller, Wizard Runner, is dashing around the App Store for free. It promises a sophisticated plot and epic boss fights, and the dude on the icon looks pretty cool, so genre fans will want to give it a spin. Check out a preview in this week’s video gallery below!

That’s just the tip of a very fine iceberg. On5 slipped us a note to the effect that their draw-and-guess multiplayer game Charadium II is free all weekend (the iPad version is on sale for $0.99 by the way). GOGN Entertainment have also made their hit action puzzler Zombie: The Rescue free!

It’s not over yet! Attido are celebrating the release of Gears of Fur (Our Review) by making the original Cheezia free. You can also find Bug Heroes Quest (Our Review), Boost 2 (Our Review) and Push Panic (Our Review) for the same magic price! Now, this is what we call a great iOS gaming weekend in the making.

iDamaged Goes on Sale

If you haven’t taken The Red Thing’s chicken walker mech for a drive yet, you can do so at half price this weekend, and here’s a review for you to check out. Hey, it’s way cheaper than a car, and it shoots missiles — sounds like a good deal to us!

Hyper Snake 1.1 Slithers Into App Store

iFanzine editor Ruan Shiels was smitten with Clawhammer Games’ Hyper Snake this week, citing the best tilt controls he’s seen on iOS so far. One thing the review copy did lack was Game Center integration, but it’s now in – plus 16 new achievements – thanks to an update that hit the App Store just a few days later!

Bullet Time Gets New Bullet-Riddled Campaign

iFanzine reader and Bullet Time enthusiast Eightypea dropped into the comments section of our review this week to let us know that the game’s been receiving massive updates, including one that just landed on the 17th. In addition to a brand-new level set, Kiloo have outfitted Bullet Time with new gear and more options for earning the game’s IAP currency free of charge. And, in recognition of how important hats are on iOS, these fashion accessories have been fleshed out with their own stats.

A Scrumptious Update Fresh Out of the Oven

The Game Bakers served up four new missions for Squids this week, and a new character comes with them! Fans will also appreciate the fact that items can’t be wasted on failed missions now, and naturally some more hats are in store. In-game soundtrack access is an interesting twist we’d certainly appreciate seeing in more iOS titles too!

A Slobbery Valentine’s Day Update for Tongue Tied

Whoops, Valentine’s Day was last week, you say? When we received the press release for Mojo Bones’ The Curse, we happened to check on their debut title and found it had received a wintry visual overhaul and new heart-shaped achievements in honor of the season.

Joustin’ Beaver Gets Hit With C&D Order

This one is just too hilarious to pass up. The iOS press is on fire today with reports that Joustin’ Beaver has been targeted by lawyers representing guess-who. This matter has even prompted famous scandal hunters TMZ to hunt down the fiery legal document itself. IP scuffles are nothing new in the iOS industry, but this will be an interesting case to watch as a test of how the parody argument flies. Whether you want to cheer on or jeer at the developers, keep an eye on their Twitter account and watch the sparks fly!

We might as well take this opportunity to plug Alawar Entertainment’s Shake Spears!, a jousting game that’s both absolutely free and untroubled by rockstar haircuts.

Prepare for a Really Awesome Week

2012 has seen its share of great titles already, but March is set to come in like a lion! Waking Mars,  Kale in Dinoland and Zombie Panic in Wonderland Plus are all penciled in for the 1st. Digital Poke Labs also dropped by to let us know their new physics puzzler The Drop Out will launch that day as well.

We also received word that smuttlewerk (of Time of Heroes fame) will be releasing a casual running game on February 29 entitled Nosferatu: Run From the Sun, and Tin Man Games will release Game Book Adventures 8: Infinite Universe on the 28th. Phew — will we be able to keep up with all these titles? Find out next week, and check below for a gallery of previews:

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