The iFriday Roundup, No. 32

Friday Freebies

Here’s one you’ll want to extract from the App Store right now — Extraction: Project Outbreak is free at the moment. As you can tell from our review you’ll likely have a blast with this one-touch shoot ’em up, so you’d better get a move on while the sale lasts!

Also going free is Super Glue Studio’s Tube Baby, an action puzzler with a, shall we say, unique premise. Other than the subject matter, what’s most interesting about this one is that it makes use of tilt and slide controls in a way that’s highly reminiscent of Clay’s Reverie, which we rather enjoyed.

The list of awesome freebies doesn’t end there! Check out Kung Fu Warrior (Our Review), Mystery Ball (Our Review and Developer Interview), and the oldie-but-goodie Zenonia (Our Retroview). Finally, Skyboard has released a free version of Tribase Studio’s Requiem (Our Review).

Great Games for a Buck

Lab Rats Studio (Developer Interview) just added two new levels, bosses to go with them, and some more weaponry to M.U.S.E. and have ushered in a $0.99 sale to celebrate! Now that it packs a much better aiming system than the version we reviewed, this is one not to miss while it’s on sale if you’re a third-person shooter fan. Check out some preview footage of the new levels in this week’s video gallery below!

Also on sale is smuttlewerk’s Time of Heroes, which we thoroughly enjoyed for its Langrisser-esque style. Zen Wars (Our Review) rounds out our sales list at the same price.

Instamory: Pocket Edition Released

Ivica Aracic (Developer Interview) was in touch this week to let us know that Instamory, previously bound to the iPad’s big screen, is now available for the smaller iDevices! The developer describes it as follows: “[A] beautifully designed concentration game in which you memorize and collect matching pairs of Instagram photos. Instamory for iPad has delighted thousands of players of all ages, and starting today, you can enjoy it on your iPhone too. And thanks to Instagram’s massive collection with more than 150 million photos, you’ll never run out of new sets.”

Waking Mars Soundtrack Released

Tiger Style Games returned to the App Store in spectacular fashion this week, and the game’s soundtrack was no small part of the equation. Now that it’s been released on Bandcamp, you can take Waking Mars’ spacey alien gardening themes with you even when you can’t play the game.

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Gets Much-Needed UI Overhaul

An unresponsive interface pretty much butchered Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land on small iDevices, but thankfully Red Wasp Design has rectified that in the latest update. Players should note that the controls have changed a little on account of that, so another tutorial round may be in order after updating.

SZC’s Controls to Rise From the Dead

Another game that needs some UI work is Monster Robot Studios’ Beyond Dead. The developer was just in touch to let us know an interface update is well on its way, and the dual-stick setup looks like it could be a winner. Check out a video preview of the revised controls below, and look forward to updates that promise to put some flesh on the game’s content:

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