The iFriday Roundup, No. 34

Friday Freebies

Big congrats to On5, who came away from the International Mobile Game Awards with “Best Social Game” for Charadium II! You know what that means: oh yeah, it’s sales time! This weekend you can check out the award winning draw-and-guess game for free on your iPad. Hold on tight iPhone and iPod Touch owners, the non-HD version will go free for a while starting on Sunday.

The folks at smuttlewerk are sharing a helping of vampire cuteness for free this weekend too: check out Nosferatu: Run From the Sun (Our Review)!

Update: In celebration of St Patrick’s Day Tuokio are giving away all their games absolutely free! This special offer is valid today only (March 17th), so act fast if you fancy trying King of Opera, Raiding Company or Blonde vs Brunette Racing. Here’s a great quote from Tuokio: “This does not make any business sense but we thought it would be fun for people to find a pot of gold on the App Store on St Patrick’s Day!”

Sales Roundup

We’ve got a few biggies to highlight on the sales front this week! First up is the perfect-scoring Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, which looks like a mighty good deal at $0.99. This is just the tip of the Gameloft sales iceberg this weekend; also check out the oldie-but-goodie Action/Adventure Sacred Odyssey: Rise of Ayden (Our Review).

You’re Giving Away What!?”

There’s still a day left to enter this week’s giveaway contest, featuring an absolute treasure trove of titles from AAA and indie studios alike. On tap this week are Mass Effect: Infiltrator, Kids Vs. Goblins, Adventure Bar Story, SZC: Beyond Dead, Mystery of the Japanese Werewolf, Save the Monster, and Four Hats! How can we possibly one-up a giveaway like this? There’s got to be a way…

Clay-Motion On the Cheap

Super Glue Studio were in touch to let us know that a Lite edition of Clay’s Reverie recently went live on the App Store, letting on-the-fence gamers check out the first level set. You can tell from our review which side of that fence we ended up on, and it just so happens that the full thing is on sale again for $0.99 if you like what you see in the Lite.

Bubble Jets Gets More Bubbles

Social Agogo are taking this whole rubber ducky thing very seriously! To wit, they’ve added some UI adjustments and a new level set to Bubble Jets, the water toy resurrected in digital form. Check out our review for good measure.

Crow Engine to go Open Source!

Sunside Games are about to take flight in more ways than one. They were in touch over the week to direct us to this Indie Game Magazine article detailing their plans to release the 3D-specialized Radiance engine to the game developing masses! Check out our hands-on preview of Crow, which will mark Radiance’s maiden flight.

Ayopa Games to Take App Store by Storm, Part I

Ayopa Games, publisher of such high-profile titles as M.U.S.E. and Dungeon Crawlers, announced this week that they’ve signed on with an impressive array of indie developers. First up is Brawsome, slated to release MacGuffin’s Curse in mid-April. Brawsome came away from the 2011 Freeplay Independent Games Festival with an award for Best Game Writing on account of this very title. We’re told that it’s “…a really polished adventure-puzzle game in the vein of old Sierra and LucasArts adventures.”

Ayopa Games to Take App Store by Storm, Part II

“It’s a tactics RPG with a unique art style that looks like real-world crafting items (i.e., characters made out of leather and foil that look like you just made them on the crafting table) and turn-based battles similar to Final Fantasy active battle systems.” Okay Ayopa, count us in for Patchwork Battles! The dev team at Patchwork Games are slated to wrap up work on this one around mid-May.

Ayopa Games to Take App Store by Storm, Part III

Rounding out Ayopa’s huge announcement this week are Massive Joe StudiosEscape from Age of Monsters and F5 Games’ Pocket Heroes. You may remember Massive Joe Studios from Age of Monsters: Rock Paper Scissors, and their next App Store offering is described as an endless runner that promises the same amazing art style. Pocket Heroes is an asynchronous multiplayer RPG. Both are still a few months away.

Foursaken Media Release Sky Gnomes Footage

Plummeting toward Earth at terminal velocity? There’s going to be an app for that, and Foursaken Media are making it! Here’s what the devs have to say about Sky Gnomes: “Original racing gameplay, seamless asynchronous multiplayer, daily tournaments, small group competition and leaderboards, leagues, and a host of other competitive gameplay elements are just a few of the features we are bringing to the forefront… The beauty of all these elements is that they are integrated right into the core game, in a way that ensures any player can enjoy them.”

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