The iFriday Roundup, No. 35

Friday Freebies

The Game Bakers have generously made their scrumptious debut Strategy RPG, Squids, available for free for a limited time. If you have the slightest interest in the genre, check our review to see all the reasons why you should download this five-star game in a heartbeat.

FDG Entertainment were just in touch to let us know that their popular stickman sniping game, Clear Vision, has received a family friendly(?) version and it’s absolutely free!

Also free today are Sky Defenders (Our Review), Evertales (Our Review), and Star Warfare: Alien Invasion. We didn’t get around to reviewing that one, but it looks like a game that shouldn’t be passed up at the magic price of zero!

Sales Roundup

Make that “the smuttlewerk roundup!” If you’re looking for a great TBS on the cheap, check out Time of Heroes (Our Review), currently two-thirds off at $0.99 for a few days. If you’re an iPad owner you may also want to take a look at Companions if you haven’t already. And don’t forget that their latest, Nosferatu: Run From the Sun (Our Review) is still free!

VineKing to Take Deeper Root

Mark your calendars line-drawing fans, because Pixel Vandals have something big in store for March 28! Not only will VineKing be going on sale for a limited time, but it’s going to receive an enormous update: challenging new levels, global leaderboards, Facebook integration, and bigger, badder foes to wrap your rhizomes around! We totally recommend checking out the Lite in the meantime if you haven’t heard of this one before.

A Heavenly Update for Fall of Angels…

Kevin Mitchell’s Fall of Angels (Our Review) just received an update with some really nifty features. Now RPG fans can listen to its groovy tunes with a sound test available in the main menu, and the game now sports Heyzap integration. The developer fleshed out the already great story with more character “chat” sequences, updated some of those tricky area maps, and even added a new environment to check out.

…And a Celestial One for Stardash!

OrangePixel just topped off their Gameboy-esque platformer Stardash (Our Review) with an additional world and its own challenge temple. These are played right-to-left (gasp!), taking platformer veterans out of their comfort zones. Don’t forget to check out the game’s absolutely groovy chiptune soundtrack, available on BandCamp!

Virtual Crime Spree to Spread to Asia

If you saw last month’s interview with Red Robot Labs – who have expertise from a Fable dev on board, no less – you’ll know they’re rather ambitious about spreading virtual crime everywhere they can. Now their hit MMO Life is Crime is slated to spring into Asia thanks to a partnership with Next Media Animation. Find out more about Red Robot Labs at their website, and don’t forget to check out their jobs page — they’ve got an eye-popping number of openings!

Hunters 2 Releases!

The sequel to Rodeo Games’ Hunters: Episode One hit the App Store just yesterday. There’s no question that it looks slick, but will it be the latest must-have game for Turn-Based Strategy fans? We’ll give you our take on the other side of the weekend! For now, check out the release trailer as our video of the week:

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