The iFriday Roundup, No. 36

Friday Freebies

Guess which Castle Defense game just went free again! Yep, it’s Legendary Wars, giving us a chance to drag out our well-worn review one more time. And if you’re up for something really experimental, check out PD – prope discoverer  (Our Review), a bizarre casual puzzler by Yuji Naka’s new studio. Ashley Ao developers Honey Tribe Studios are also giving their debut game, Honey Tribe: Colony Collapse the freebee treatment on iPhone and iPad alike.

Here are some of our freebie picks for games that we didn’t get around to covering: Wind Up Robots, Descend RPG and Dead End.

Sales Roundup

Minoraxis just put their entire RPG lineup on $0.99 sale this week. That includes Soul Tamer Kiki (Our Review), Exitium (Our Review), and Fantastic Knight (Our Review).

Also going easier on your pocketbook this weekend are Final Run (Our Review) at $1.99, Dangerous (Our Review) at $6.99, and the iPad version of Dead Space (Our Review) at $1.99.

Necta Collecta on Sale, Collects Another Update

What does every iOS game need? That’s right: hats! Necta Collecta’s got those, plus a $1.99 sale and iPad 3 support. Michael Buettner’s impressively kept at the content updates for his casual action puzzler for close to a year now, so throw this dev a bone and check out the Lite version to see if it’s your kind of thing.

iPad Corner

Monster Robot Studios gave SZC: Beyond Dead the HD treatment this week, ushering in an iPad release to complement the initial iPhone/iPod Touch version.

In other iPad news, Clapfoot implemented the split screen death match mode they hinted at in our interview regarding Tank Hero: Laser Wars.

Finally, Infinite Dreams – the folks behind the smash hit Jelly Defense – were in touch to let us know Can Knockdown 2 just got a huge HD-ification for the iPad 3’s Retina Display.

Chillingo, Comic Vine and DC Team Up For Superman Contest

Comic news website Comic Vine is playing host to a contest that will net one lucky winner an autographed Superman drawing by Frank Quitely, plus a copy of the soon-to-be updated Superman iPhone game and Chillingo-branded freebies. The contest runs until April 5, and you can find contest details at the bottom of the linked Comic Vine article.

Frenzy Pop Announced

One of the stranger things iOS has proven is that games starring grocery items can actually be really good. That’s why we’re excited to learn more about Frenzy Pop, which Al4red Games informed us will release in early April. From the devs: “Frenzy Pop is a frantic, fast paced game that draws inspiration from classic titles such as Sonic, Mario and more recently, Super Meat Boy, but adds its own unique elements into the mix…Frenzy Pop’s unique and challenging level designs are what we feel make the game stand out from other platforming games. From classic movie-inspired boulder chase levels to sprinting across crumbling ice platforms, the game offers plenty of variety to players.” Scope out some gameplay footage in this week’s video gallery below.

When Night Falls, It’s Time to Whip Out the Playing Cards!

AEG’s Nightfall is the latest card game the devs at Playdek are bringing from the tabletop to your iDevice. They were in touch to share with us two videos’ worth of gameplay footage, both of which you can find in this week’s video gallery. Also check out AEG’s site for the original game.

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