The iFriday Roundup, No. 37

Good Friday Freebies

It’s said that salvation is free, and thankfully so are these interesting games! Check out the line-drawing RTS Raid Leader (Our Review); the maze navigator Super Ball Escape (Our Review), iPad edition; Elvish Tower Defense title Elf Defense; the super-stylish auto-scroller Blot; the hack-and-slash auto-scroller Kinito Ninja; and the description-defying pieces of art nouveau that are Catball Eats It All and Dreamy Goat!

Attack of the Easter Sales

KEMCO’s Symphony of Eternity (Our Review) is enjoying a hugely slashed price tag at $0.99, making it one of the best JRPGs you’ll find for a buck this weekend thanks to its character class system.

Also on sale are Jelly Defense (Our Review), Dungeon Crawlers (Our Review), the iPad version of Burn the Rope: Worlds (Our Review), and Infinity Blade, all at $0.99!

Last Call for the Mega Indie Giveaway!

Binary Helix also put their epic space adventure Dangerous on sale at $4.99, not to mention furnished a handy list of all the game’s updates to date. But don’t forget you can win one of five(!) copies the dev generously contributed to this week’s prize bag. Check out all the awesome indie games in this week’s giveaway while there are still a few days left to enter!

The Fish Dies in the End Goes Free-to-Play

The Fish Dies in the End has re-released in the App Store as a free-to-play title. Here are the basics straight from the dev: “This is an undersea, pick up and play game featuring a little fish trying to survive as long as possible against all odds. It’s an endless game with simple controls, nice cartoonish 2D graphics, many different enemies and obstacles to avoid, multiple cosmetic themes and styles to try, several power-ups, and much more. The game has Game Center integration with Leaderboards for each of the three difficulty levels and 25+ achievements.”

Morning Dew Media Releases Music App

You might be thinking an app dedicated to a single composer and his latest projects is overkill, but in Mattias Holmgren’s case it’s completely justified — take it from us. Check out the Morning Dew Media app here and get 14 sweet music tracks as part of the package!

Nosferatu Gets Asynchronous Multiplayer

So how does multiplayer work in an auto-scrolling runner? smuttlewerk, developers of Nosferatu: Run From the Sun (Our Review) were in touch this week to explain: you can invite your Game Center friends to a match or auto-match with a random player, and whenever you’ve both – or all – made an attempt, the game calculates ranks based on distances covered. Additional content in the latest Nosferatu update includes new characters and missions. We’d say this is definitely a step up from the 1922 film!

A Heartwarming Easter Update for Death Rally

Remedy Entertainment were in touch this week to let us know about the latest update for Death Rally (Our Review): “It optimizes the game for the New iPad and includes a multiplayer mode for Dukematch, where players compete against each other in a destruction derby-style arena where weapons are available to all.

Since Easter is upon us, Remedy has decided to add Easter eggs on the track – destroy these to get free battle modifiers! Want even more? Rewards for daily play have been added, so play Death Rally every day to earn the max amount of free battle modifiers.

Finally, to spread that holiday cheer, Remedy has also reduced the prices on many of the multiplayer in-app weapons and cars to give you a bit of a head-start in kicking some a** this Easter!”

Running Fred Gets Macabre Update

Ever a Garbage Pail Kid for the touchscreen era, Running Fred  (Our Review) can now bust his face in a new deadly gauntlet, and he’s been joined by an entire band of death-defying characters. Check out footage from the new Endless Caves here or in this week’s gallery below!

Burnout CRASH! Announced for iOS

Say what you will about the direction Criterion Games and E.A. have taken with Burnout CRASH!, but we think it’s entirely awesome that Knight Rider’s David Hasselhoff stars in the iOS preview video, seen here and in this week’s gallery. From E.A. Mobile: “Burnout CRASH! explodes onto iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad this month with huge pile-ups, mega disasters and more! Crash and burn with this spin-off from the award-winning console series. Players can activate catastrophic Super Features and trigger road-shattering disasters like tornadoes, tidal waves, asteroids, and even UFOs. With three game modes, 54 events and six themed locations, fans of the franchise will master the disaster with Burnout CRASH!

Taco Graveyard Unveil Omega Pixel

Fresh off Four Hats (Our Review), Taco Graveyard are bringing another interesting title to the App Store — and in a completely different genre to boot! “Omegapixel is an action defense game done in an 8-bit retro style. Teleport the Omegapixel to safety while you smash headlong into its pursuers. Uncover enemy and boss patterns to prevent Omegapixel’s capture.” Check out Taco Graveyard’s page for the game and catch some beta footage as the lead-in to this week’s video gallery: