The iFriday Roundup, No. 38

Friday Freebies

AngryOrange have made Glow Worm, their exercise in touch-controlled microbe preservation, free this week and it looks mighty interesting if we do say so ourselves. Also check out Root Games’ zombie avoidance title FanEscape and Nigel Kelly’s Bubble Tronic.

GAMEVIL’s latest release, Fighter City, is also free but conspicuously absent from the U.S. App Store at the moment.

Sales Roundup

The 20th anniversary iOS port of Another World (Our Review) is going for $1.99 versus a usual price of $4.99 until Sunday. And don’t forget that Buzz Monkey’s and Chillingo’s smash hit Rinth Island (Our Review) is still on sale for $0.99 — complete with 30 new levels since we put it under the microscope!


So you want to leave your mark on the SHADOWGUN franchise, do ya? MADFINGER Games are offering fans the chance to do just that, and they’re throwing in a T-shirt for good measure. They’re looking for fans’ ideas about the next enemy mastermind John Slade should bust down — check here for all the details.

Rodeo Games Fire Up the Music

The release of Hunters 2 (Our Review) has gone swimmingly by all accounts, and you know what that means: oh yeah, it’s time to give away the soundtrack for free! Rodeo Games were in a good enough mood to do just that today, and you can find it here courtesy of the devs and the composers at White Wall.

Clash Force Gets UI Update

We enjoyed Spicy Gyro’s Clash Force quite a bit and though it well suited to retro platforming fans already, but we did clash with the controls a little. Now the devs have sweetened the deal with some UI refinements, making all those 8-bit era maneuvers easier to pull off. Players should find the interface improved on both the iPhone/iPod Touch and the iPad.

Zzed Aims Straight For Your Heart

We’re still not sure how to pronounce it either, but Nevosoft were in touch this week to let us know that Zzed: Space Story, their three-way mashup of space shooter, Match-3, and marble shooter, just landed in the App Store. This is weird enough to be extremely noteworthy, so check out a gameplay and story preview as our video of the week:

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