The iFriday Roundup, No. 42

Friday Freebies

Tons of interesting freebies for the taking this weekend! Check out Vermes on Mars (Our Review), where Tremors meets squad-based gesture controls; Monster Wars (Our Review), an excellent RTS/Castle Defense follow-up to the equally excellent Legendary Wars; and Death Rally (Our Review), Remedy’s liberally updated vehicular combat game.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Also check out: Swordigo, Mech Guardian, Beyond Ynth (Our Review), Supersonic HD, and Battleland: Warrior vs. Monster (Our Review).

Fists Fly Freely in Punch Hero

Gamevil and Cocosoft were in touch this week to let us know their brand-new 3D boxing title, Punch Hero, released for free on the App Store. From Gamevil: “Come swing your fists in this all-immersive mobile boxing game. Hone your jabs, hooks and uppercuts at the Training Center while accumulating special skills and power moves in the Skill Store. Presented in hilarious 3D, Punch Hero is addictive as it is challenging. With multiple modes of gameplay and customizable options, Punch Hero offers hours of endless boxing action!”

Sales Roundup

If you like your action/adventure games dark then you’ll want to check out Sunside’s Crow (Our Review) while it’s on sale at $0.99 versus a normal price of $4.99. Chances are you’ll also be interested in Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, which is going for $0.99 versus the usual $5.99.

G5 Celebrates Mother’s Day With Supermarket Mania Sale

G5 Entertainment were in touch to let us know that both Supermarket Mania and Supermarket Mania 2 are on sale until May 14. From the devs: “Running a supermarket chain is so much fun! These business simulators let you see the other side of shopping – stocking shelves, keeping stores clean and pleasing demanding customers.”

CAVE Caves in to Fan Demands

If you loved the new “Wait Control” option that gives you some breathing room when the going gets tough in Bug Princess 2 and wanted CAVE to retro-fit previous titles with the exact same feature, you’re in luck! The masters of bullet hell shoot ’em ups were in touch to let us know it’s been added to Espgaluda II and Dodonpachi Resurrection.

A Mega Update for Vertex Blaster

Warner Skoch just gave his globe-trotting dual stick shooter Vertex Blaster (Our Review) a sweet overhaul. That includes a brand-new “Scavenger” game mode, iCade support and ultra-crisp graphics to support the New iPad’s Retina display.

10tons Announce Puzkend

10tons, who brought the Azkend series to iOS, just announced a new spin on the franchise called Puzkend. The devs describe it as: “…a free Azkend-style puzzle game set in the fascinating underground world of Azkend 2: The World Beneath. Based on the Puzzle Game Mode of Azkend 2, Puzkend challenges the player to clear the game board by stringing items together using 10tons’ popular take on Match-3 gameplay.” Check the game’s site for media and footage.

In the Hour of Darkness, Hope Springs Eternal

Huge congratulations are in order for Camouflaj and Logan because République just made its Kickstarter goal! When we started our iOS Kickstarter Roundup series at the top of the week, the project’s massive $500,000 proposal was only halfway funded and the chances looked bleak. Let’s hear it for miraculous turnarounds, and celebrate by rolling that preview footage again:

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