The iFriday Roundup, No. 43

Friday Freebies

Another truckload of awesome free iOS games this weekend! First up is Monkube’s perfect-scoring 6th Planet, fresh off a major content update we detailed earlier in the week. This is like the filet mignon of Lunar Lander-style games, so you need to download it right now if you haven’t already.

Also check out Time of Heroes (Our Review), Project 9, Qvoid, Super Crossfire and Feed Me Oil, iPhone and Universal editions.

Reminder: Massive Giveaways to End Soon!

Two weeks ago we teamed up with Appsasia and Buff Stone for an iPod Touch 4 giveaway in celebration of their latest title, Montowers. There’s still a few days left to enter, so check here if you haven’t already taken a stab at it. Don’t forget we’ll also be selecting winners for N.O.V.A. 3, This Could Hurt and Lostwinds 2 soon!

Sales Roundup

The Gold and Silver editions of Ash II: Shadows are half off in celebration of the game’s second chapter! Bear in mind the difference between these: the Silver edition presents the game’s future chapters as IAPs while the Gold edition’s price includes all of them as free updates. However, if you get the Silver edition during this sale, the new second chapter will be included at no cost. Decisions, decisions! Here’s our review of the game’s debut chapter.

Also check out Adventure Bar Story (Our Review), which is going for one-third the normal price at $0.99, and Alphadia (Our Review), which is going for one-seventh the normal price at $0.99! If you’re a Lovecraft and TBS fan, also keep your eyes peeled for a Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land sale over the weekend.

Saturday Morning RPG Deluxe Edition Surfaces

This week Mighty Rabbit Studios and Joystick Labs unveiled a Deluxe edition of Saturday Morning RPG (Our Review). Just like Ash II‘s Gold Edition, this lets you pay a higher price up front to get all episodes free of charge later. Our interview with studio lead Josh Fairhurst back in February indicates the team has six episodes penned out and up to twenty planned, so this edition marks a pretty consequential decision point: the Deluxe is $5.99 versus a total that could run past $10 if the player pays per episode. We recommend that RPG fans looking for price estimates hit up the Mighty Rabbit Studios forum, Facebook page or Twitter account. NOTE: if you purchased the second episode in the standard edition already, your save data won’t transfer to the Deluxe.

Some Rust Removed From Rusty Orb

Orator Games’ Rusty Orb (Our Review) had a very cool premise in its mashup of Lunar Lander and action puzzles, but its power meter gameplay mechanic sometimes slowed things down to the game’s detriment. That’s why we’re so glad to see some power gauge tweaks in Rusty Orb’s first update! There’s now a Lite version you can try for free too.

Here’s the Latest iOS Crowdfunding Effort to Emerge on Kickstarter

Lucas Best of Light Orange Productions was in touch this week to let us know he’s launched a Kickstarter page for his latest project, a 3D action puzzle game titled Emerge. The Durham, North Carolina-based developer pitches it as “…a game that is fun to play but also stands out among other mobile games because of its visual intensity.” Light Orange’s previous App Store releases include Hexagon Master and Roonihopper.

TweetDAQ Takes Flight

We’re guessing the “DAQ” here stands for “data acquisition.” Funbox Media were in touch this week to tell us about their latest app, which scoops up your Twitter stats and literally makes a competitive game out of them — complete with Game Center leaderboards. If you’re a Twitter junkie and this sounds right up your alley, check it out for free here.

Shoot the Zombirds to Release May 24

Infinite Dreams – creators of the masterful Tower Defense game Jelly Defense – have spared no effort in hyping their upcoming Halloween-themed shooter. Going on the game’s pedigree alone, we’re pretty stoked for its release on May 24 to see what these devs have been up to since Jelly. Check out a gallery of the first in-game screenshots here.

Bag It! Update Delayed One Week

A few weeks back we reported Hidden Variable Studios would be packing more content into their debut logic puzzler (Our Review) on May 18. Bag It! fans should instead mark their calendars for May 25. The developer has released some juicy new footage showing off Fizzy the exploding soda bottle though! Check it out here or in this week’s video gallery below. Puzzle fans who haven’t purchased the game yet should check out the Lite and look forward to a $0.99 sale for the Universal edition on the 25th!

Way More Mayhem for RobotRiot in Upcoming Update

We’re also expecting a major content update to hit Retromite’s RobotRiot next week. When we reviewed the side-scrolling platformer last September we sensed the game had a lot of growing to do in updates — hopefully introducing new ships to board, more weapons to toy with and more of those great bosses. Retromite’s expansion delivers all that, essentially doubling the game’s size and making the RobotRiot fan remember just how good a handle the devs have on retro platformer design. Check out some of the new action as our first video in this week’s gallery:

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