The iFriday Roundup, No. 47

Friday Freebies

This looks like a great weekend to spend at the races! Check out the anime-inspired Speed Racer: The Beginning and Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing while they’re still free.

If you’re into books more than you’re into racing, never fear — you totally need to check out Megara Entertainment’s iOS adaptation of the Fabled Lands game book! Check out the iPhone edition (Our Review) or the iPad edition.

Casual games more your style? Why, it’ll be a good weekend for you, too: have a gander at Cut the Buttons, Spy Mouse iPhone and iPad editions, Flight Control Rocket, Ballistic SE and Caribbean Zombie (Our Review).

Sales Roundup

The wonderfully dark Crow (Our Review) going on sale for $0.99 is definitely a reason to celebrate, not to mention when it gets a new bonus level.

And what would a weekend at the App Store be without the iPhone and iPad editions of Dead Space (Our Review) or Galaxy on Fire 2 (Our Review) going on sale? Also check to see if Burnout: CRASH happens to be on your wish list.

¿Hablas la Lengua de Zombirds?

Not a studio to leave a wide international crowd out in the cold, the folks at Infinite Dreams have given Shoot the Zombirds (Our Review) the Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Polish, Japanese and Simplified Chinese treatment. So, yeah, “拍摄的僵尸鸟” to you too.

From the Magical Musical World of Mattias Holmgren

Chances are if you’re a big follower of musicians on the indie iOS scene, you know the name Mattias Holmgren — he’s responsible for the Luminati OST, which remains one of the classics of New Age-style videogame music on the platform. He dropped in over the week to inform us that the Morning Dew Media website now lets visitors search a music catalogue, and that the next iOS project to bear a Holmgren score will be Pocket Minions. Also check out the free Morning Dew Media app for a 14-track sampling of his music.

Welding Words With Friends

The popular wordsmithing game W.E.L.D.E.R. is getting a multiplayer update. Per publisher Ayopa Games: “…a new and highly anticipated W.E.L.D.E.R. update will be coming to iOS devices worldwide on June 21. Finally, with this new update, you will be able to play against your friends in a new mode called W.E.L.D.E.R. Wars. This new multiplayer mode lets players use power-ups, trash talk, and watch their opponent’s moves in a battle for victory.”

Astronaut: Space Walk Prepares for Liftoff

A few weeks back we interviewed Jorge Hernandez about his upcoming space simulator Astronaut: SpaceWalk. Questions about the exact nature of the game still abound, but those will be put to rest shortly — Mr. Hernandez intends to submit the game to Apple next week. We’ll let you know when it releases and we should have a review up shortly thereafter.

Videos of the Week

Teaser trailers flooded into the App Store this week. In this week’s video gallery you can catch the first glimpse of Spiral in motion, and check out our in-depth studio interview with the devs for more background on this high profile game while you’re at it!

Next up is KEMCO’s sequel to Symphony of Eternity, which enjoys far more ambitious production values than its predecessor. Consider our interest piqued, and if you’re a JRPG fan dying for something a tad more modern you’ll want to keep an eye on it.

Finally there’s Battlebow: Shoot the Demons, due on June 20. It’s billed as “…a free-to-play 2D Action RPG in which your goal is to survive a demon invasion for as long as possible. The demons approach in waves and your job is to shoot them or slay them in melee combat if they have come too close. The game features four character classes, over 140 items to loot, and a co-op mode which lets you play with a friend on a single device.” You’ll never guess who’s behind this one: none other than Michael Buettner, author of the well-supported Necta Collecta! Battlebow marks quite a change in Buettner’s oeuvre, so we can’t wait to see how this one turns out.

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