The iFriday Roundup, No. 49

Friday Freebies

With AstroWings3: ICARUS exceeding sales expectations, it’s easy to see why the folks at M2M Entertainment are in a celebrating mood. And it’s a great thing for any scrolling shooter fan who hasn’t joined in yet — give it a free download while you still can!

You can also find the following on the App Store for the magic price of zero this weekend: Frenzy Pop, iPhone and iPad editions (Our Review); Dino Rush (Our Review); Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land (Our Review); and Bullistic Unleashed (Our Review). There’s also Crabs vs. Penguins, Coca Cola’s very own high-budget App Store venture — check out the trailer in this week’s video gallery. Heck, you can even apply a Sonic the Hedgehog-theme to your iPhone display for free!

Sales Roundup

There are some big games to be found at small prices this weekend! Lostwinds2: Winter of the Melodias is at $1.99 down from $3.99, while Mega Man X (Our Review), Street Fighter IV VOLT, and even Infinity Blade are all ripe for the picking at $0.99 each!

Bug Princess 2: Black Label Gets a Lite

If you’re a Bug Princess fan – and who isn’t these days? – you’ll want to mark your calendar for June 30. The folks at CAVE were in touch to let us know a Lite version of their alternate take on Bug Princess 2 will hit the App Store tomorrow; keep an eye on their news page for a link. And don’t forget that the vanilla version of Bug Princess 2 already has a Lite!

Wawa Land Gets a Lite

If you missed out on Play Fripp’s constantly improving, Super Mario World-esque Action/Adventure title, you can get a taste of Wawa Land for free thanks to the freshly released Lite edition. Don’t forget to check out our developer interview too!

The Curse Descends on iOS This Summer

Ever since Mojo Bones turned in a stellar first outing late last year, our tails have been wagging in anticipation of their next title. Turns out they’ve teamed up with Toy Studio for The Curse: “…a puzzle game with a narrative twist where players unleash a terrible curse from an ancient book along with The Mannequin, a master of mischief. Players can solve the 100 mind-bending puzzles of different varieties (from riddles to logic puzzles) in any order they wish. As players solve puzzles, the story will unfold, fully-voiced, to reveal more about the quest and what it will take to banish The Mannequin back in the book.” You’d best keep an eye on Mojo Bones’ and Toy Studio’s websites for the latest news.

Surprise Attack Swoops in with New Game Announcements

Like a stealth bomber looking down from above, Surprise Attack has been making the rounds with out-of-the-blue announcements of new games — all overhead perspective titles, funnily enough! You’ll want to keep an eye on all these:

First up is SmallGreenHill’s Man in a Maze, a stealth action game where the protagonist risks his life for a set of steak knives on a way-too-deadly game show.

And then there’s Barrel of Donkeys’ ToyBox, a mashup of Match-3 and top-down-shooter that’s so hard to believe we’ll have to see it for ourselves and report back soon!

Finally there’s Anomalous Interactive’s Wolf Dozer, billed as a “survival destruction” game with a deep upgrade system.

New Multiplayer Game Pussy Flip Coming Soon

The folks at Kwalee were in touch to tell us about their second App Store venture: “With a splash of social gaming, a dollop of turn-based mayhem and a gang of unruly cats thrown into the creative blender, Kwalee has lovingly mixed up the ultimate cat cocktail. Pussy Flip promises classic reversi, where you attempt to sandwich your opponent’s discs to flip them and take over the board, but with cute pussycats that animate as you play. The game will be available this August.”

Zynga Partners with Fat Pebble for Clay Jam

Michael Movel, creative director of Fat Pebble, was in touch this week to let us know his studio has joined forces with Zynga to bring their latest mobile game, Clay Jam, to fruition. “Up to now we’ve created Clay Jam independently and poured our heart and soul into it. The opportunity to tap into Zynga’s huge mobile audience and to get great advice from the world’s leader of social gaming is one we intend to grasp with both hands, and any other appendages we can muster.” It looks like the collaboration has produced something truly wild — check out the “making of” featurette as the first video in this week’s gallery:

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