The iFriday Roundup, No. 50

Friday Freebies

Just in case you missed our heads-up earlier in the week, Kukouri Mobile’s Tiny Troopers (our review) is now available free for a limited time only. Another great game riding the wave of a free promotion is RideonJapan and ZigZaGame’s immensely popular RPG/tycoon sim mash-up, Adventure Bar Story (our review). Not to be outdone, G5 Entertainment are offering a couple of their smash-hit games sans the price-tag over the next few days: The Magician’s Handbook: Cursed Valley (today only) and Virtual City (September 29 — October 2).

Sales Roundup

To celebrate this Summer’s biggest blockbuster movie, The Avengers, hitting DVD and Blu-ray, Marvel Entertainment’s The Avengers Initiative is currently being offered at the knock-down price of $2.99 (RRP: $6.99). If you’re more of a DC comics fan, you’ll be pleased to hear Gameloft have cut the price of The Dark Knight Rises Mobile Game from to $6.99 to an unmissable 99¢. Last but by no means least, the iOS iteration of Michael Jackson The Experience will be available for $0.99 this weekend only. It’ll go back to its normal price of $2.99 on Monday, so fans of the late King of Pop are advised to — ahem — “beat it” over to the App Store quickly to snag this bargain.

Chilibite Games announce new title, Cross The Line

We really enjoyed Chilibite Games’ last couple of releases, Stunt Bunnies Circus and The Mordis, so the fact that they’re teaming up with developer Codi Games to bring an all-new title, Cross The Line, to iOS later this year is great news. “Cross The Line is a very unique game where manipulating and interacting with the objects is easy but there are many surprising elements and the puzzles become increasingly challenging. We guarantee plenty of enjoyment for everyone” says Francisco Jose Martinez, CEO and co-founder of Codi Games.

Life Is Crime Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary

More than 4.3 million downloads on iOS and Android and one year later, Life Is Crime, the hit location-based massive multiplayer online (MMO) game is still grabbing headlines and new players around the globe. In celebration of its anniversary, Red Robot Labs has created a really cool infographic, which compares one year of in-game statistics to real-world data.

Sets and Settings Proudly Presents: Irrupt!

Sets and Settings (the folks behind GRAVNAV for Flash) are readying their very first iOS endeavor, Irrupt, for release this coming Thursday, October 4th. Irrupt is described as, “a fast-paced game about escorting an infinite amount of hapless astronauts through an unrelenting meteor shower.” Sounds good! A tip o’ the hat to Underground Pixel’s Kevin Drew for helping out a fellow indie studio and passing this news along to us. Check out an awesome Irrupt promo poster here and an endearingly home-made feeling trailer below —

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