The iFriday Roundup, No. 6

Project: Breaking Point Breaks Into Lowest Possible Price Tier

That’s right, The Men of Honor have proven themselves true gentlemen in dropping their asking price to absolute zero! Sean welcomed updates to improve the game in his recent review, but this is an awesome opportunity for fans of Breakout-style titles — especially if you like flashy lights too!

Defender of Diosa Just Won’t Stop Going Free!

Jojopet TV was the first to discover that Defender of Diosa had gone free last week, and it appears the chicken goddess continues to smile on Castle Defense veterans who might be looking for something a little different. If that describes you, check out the iFanzine Verdict on this one and mosey on over to claim some genre goodness. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that you didn’t pay a cent for it.

“Gimme Some Sugar, Baby!”

Defender of Diosa isn’t the only Castle Defense title you can download for free today! Backflip Studios is looking to reel more players into Army of Darkness: Defense too. In our estimation, this was one of the better tie-in games to the Evil Dead franchise, so don’t miss this opportunity if you’re a fan of zombies and boomsticks!

I Found a Freebie!

Althi’s spine-tingling maze navigation game, I Found You, also jumps on the free bandwagon today. While Sean found it a little on the slow-paced side, it also turned out pretty darn interesting. If you decide to download it and play with the lights off, be sure to check over your shoulder every now and then. You know, to make sure there isn’t a knife-wielding ghost right behind you.

It’s Happy Hour at Unboring SL!

Unboring sure knows how to throw a party, what with making its cool physics puzzler, Blupt!, free at the moment. Kieran was quite taken with it last May, when he declared it a “surprisingly deep and intelligent puzzler.” It seems today is as good a time as any for a wee drop of this creature!

Now, Here’s a Prize Catch!

Even Arno the Hunter is free today! With solid controls, tight challenge, and even Kevin MacLeod music backing it up, this is an opportunity action fans should not miss under any circumstances. Scope out our ecstatic review if you have any doubts!

Zombie Minesweeper‘s Explosive Discount Continues

It’s not quite free, but the sight of Zombie Minesweeper for a mere buck is a welcome one indeed! Sean revealed that he’d never been much of a Minesweeper fan before jumping into this game to review it, but Frogtoss’ iOS debut rounded out the classic logic puzzle formula with everything it needed for mass appeal. Like, you know, zombies!