The iFriday Roundup, No. 6

Hey, Got a Lite? Sixth Seal Does Too!

There are a few apps that claim the ability to blow the player’s fingers off, but only one could actually accomplish that: Sixth Seal, the most intense rune-drawing game you’ll ever lay hands on. Not only has the main release received a meaty upgrade that promises an improved experience, but you can sample it for free now!

Come on Baby, Lite My Fire

Okay, that’s the last “light” pun for this news roundup, we promise. If our review of Black Pearl Games’ awesome fuse-burning action puzzler didn’t convince you, you can try out the new Free version of Pirate Gunner. It appears to have about one-fourth of the full game’s content, and that’s definitely enough to decide whether you’d enjoy a full stint aboard the Dark Thunder.

A Mighty Update for Mighty Fin!

Launching Pad Games’ Mighty Fin left iFanzine editor Ruan Shiels craving more when he reviewed it earlier this summer, and my, is the developer willing to serve it up! Not only is the game now Universal, it’s got new music and twice the content compared to its original release! Now, that is one mighty update.

Legendary Wars Gets its Legendary-est Update Yet

Not to be outdone, Liv Games has just pushed through a whopper of an update for Legendary Wars. This now-classic Castle Defense game hardly needs an introduction by now, but why don’t you read our review again, just for good measure? Legendary Wars now packs in additional player units and monsters, and a brand new Arena mode.

What Would Happen if You Crossed Call of Mini: Zombies With Pet Sematary?

Why, you’d end up with zombie dogs, of course! And that’s not the only thing Triniti Interactive added this time; there’s a brand new environment and a survival mode to go along with those mangy undead canines. Kieran wrote that this gore fest was a little on the gaunt side at the time he reviewed it back in June, so we’re glad to see it getting fleshed out month by month!

With Great Joy, Hotgen Serves Up More Soy

Like Triniti Interactive, Hotgen loves to lather on the content. Who are we to complain? Now To-Fu: The Trials of Chi has five more levels to go along with the charm, content and challenge Tim attributed to the game in his review of the original release.

Good Thing You’re Holding an iDevice and Not a Steering Wheel

It’s been just two weeks since Ruan characterized Reckless Getaway as “action-packed, addictive and exhilarating,” and the updates are already rolling out of the shop! Polarbit’s made the game a little more “wreckless” with a new mode where the player’s goal is basically to destroy everything in sight. There’s nothing like a good driver’s ed lesson!

A Trip to Mars Will Cost You, But You Can Listen For Free

We love it when game musicians release free soundtracks, especially when their music is as good as Alexander Panknin’s! He recently released his entire soundtrack for Vermes on Mars, as well as some intriguing commentary about its production. Even fans of the game like us were taken by surprise at how much fuller the OST is compared to the clips used in-game!

No Trees Were Harmed in the Making of This Article

No sooner did we give Mikrotie’s unique root-slinging physics puzzler an iFanzine Verdict than the devs showed us to their “making of” article. This is seriously cool — they’ve outlined the process from concept to completion, and provided lots of prototype footage and concept art.

Did You Know?

Clickteam recently unveiled an iOS exporter for projects made in Multimedia Fusion 2, a powerful game design suite where the user can theoretically build a game without typing a single line of code. It just so happens that we found out two of the games we’ve reviewed this year, Vincere Totus Astrum and Solar Rescue Densetsu, were created this way. If your interest is piqued, hang on — we’ve snagged an interview opportunity with Gamesare Studios to learn more about the product’s features and their own experience as developers using these tools.

Idyllic Gets New Trailer, Background Story

When we previewed Fatcow Games’ Idyllic in early July, we had no idea what the game was about — its backstory had yet to be written. That process now complete, Fatcow Games has revealed what it’s all about on their dev blog. As sad as we are that we’ll never be able to call the game’s protagonist “Messiah Dude” again, it’s probably for the best. Let’s wrap things up with the latest pre-release trailer:

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