The iFriday Roundup, No. 7

CLAW Feeds Players Garlic and Mugwort for Free

CLAW has one of the more bizarre premises we’ve been exposed to on the App Store, and that’s saying a lot! It’s literally about a Tiger and a Bear that were promised a reward for holing up in a cave and scarfing down nothing but garlic and mugwort for a hundred days — and when they don’t get their just desserts, they go on a beat ’em up rampage. While it doesn’t match the depth of the greatest classics in its genre, we found it incredibly stylish, and heartily recommend giving it a download while it’s free just to scope out the kooky eyeball enemies. To say nothing of the garlic power-ups!

(F)undead Freebie

Zoombie Digger, a zombie-infested Castle Defense game that proves you shouldn’t park your fort in front of a zoo graveyard, is also free right now! When iFanzine editor Ruan Shiels reviewed this one back in April, he described it as an “elaborately detailed, off the wall indie gem” worth the price of admission even if you’re totally tired of zombies by now. With the price of admission lowered to zero, what better time is there to take a trip through the zoo of the undead?

Holy Hen Continues Laying Golden Eggs, Takes No Pay

And Sigma Game isn’t the only developer practically giving away a cool game! So you’re wondering what you can do this weekend on the cheap? Here’s a few suggestions: play the slotschug some Blupt, visit a haunted house hospital, or get some target practice on the undead with your boomstick. These freebies are practically undead themselves!

Chateau de Moreau Sale Details Divined

So, we recently visited a psychic who helped us figure out what developer Four Thirty Three has in mind for their big Chateau de Moreau sale. Or maybe we just looked at the App Store description. It turns out that the developer is giving away a little over four thousand copies of the game at $0.99, and then bumping up the price to $1.99 for the next forty thousand copies. Whoa! Keep in mind that the game’s normal price is $4.99, so that’s quite the steal! We’ll have an iFanzine Verdict early next week, and don’t forget there’s still a little time to enter the $10 iTunes gift card giveaway we’re conducting in collaboration with Four Thirty Three and Appsasia!

Hurry Now and Get Away With Reckless Getaway for $0.99

Polarbit were in touch to let us know that Reckless Getaway will be on sale until September 6, with the $0.99 sale ending at precisely 9AM EST that day. This is quite a fortuitous turn of events, as we reported only last week that the game received a new “wreckless” mode — so it has even more content now than it did when Ruan called it “action-packed, addictive and exhilarating” last month.

Zombie Minesweeper Gets Explosive Update, On Sale Again

The only thing more exciting than getting ready for a date in the middle of a zombie apocalypse is Zombie Minesweeper going on sale again, and here it is! This is a one day event, so snap it up while you can! To go along with the sale is the game’s first major update, which adds various technical improvements and rebalanced levels. Check out our review if you’re on the fence! C’mon, it’s Minesweeper — but with zombies!

Empire War Goes on the Sale Warpath

If you’re an RTS fan but missed our giveaway of Empire War, fear not, because it’s going for a little less than usual too. Its tutorial may not be much to write home about, but Sean still recommended it to seasoned Castle Defense and Tower Defense fans looking for a clean interface and a worthy challenge.

Alawar Flings Confetti (and Sales!) in Fall Celebration Extravaganza

A ton of games published by Alawar Entertainment are going on sale for a limited time, including Shake Spears! — which we loved, loved, loved here at iFanzine. Also of note is the casual logic puzzle game Tomb Slider, which is so exceptionally meaty as to merit its usual $2.99 price tier. For a mere buck, both of these are no-brainers in our estimation.

Yo Ho Ho and a Ninety-Nine Cent Game

Pirate Gunner goes on sale so often, we’re running out of things to say about it. Whether you’re a fan of action puzzles, casual puzzles, logic puzzles, or just plain excellent games, this is one to pick up for a buck. Go ahead, take our word for it!

Busily Buzzing Bee Bargains for a Buck

Michael Buettner’s massive casual puzzle game is going for $0.99 again. The developer’s been hard at work improving it, nipping right in the bud some of the complaints we made in our review of the original release back in July. At the price of a dollar, this could be some sweet honey indeed for players who enjoy quirky logistics puzzles.

Huge Electronic Arts Giveaway Sweeps the App Store

If there’s any better way to celebrate Labor Day than with a wide slashing of App Store prices, we can’t think of it. Yeah, pretty much every EA game we’ve reviewed is going for $0.99 right now. Pretty cool, right? That includes Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp (Our Verdict Here); Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon (Our Verdict Here); Dead Space (Our Verdict Here); Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Our Verdict Here); MMA (Our Verdict Here); Reckless Racing (Our Verdict Here); Mirror’s Edge (Our Verdict Here); and Heroes Lore III (Our Verdict Here). Now, this is what we call a blowout sale!

Grove Keeper 50% Off

CGMatic has declared their lovably quirky iOS debut title, Grove Keeper, on sale for $0.99 until September 8! Whether you think of it as a straight-up Castle Defense game heavy in physics, or a physics/action puzzle mashup, it’s an utterly delightful App Store gem in our humble opinion.

Turnin’ Japanese, We Think it’s Turnin’ Japanese, We Really Think So

James Pawliuk continues to refine Tactical Warrior, lately lowering its price in addition to various improvements — including a Japanese language option! If you’re into Turn Based Strategy games and don’t need a heavy plot, this one’s so swift-moving and deep that it’ll probably hit just the right spot.