The Infinity Project Epic Update: Now with added space zombies!

Despite being a damn fine FPS, The Infinity Project was all but totally eclipsed by the big flashy behemoth that was Gameloft’s N.O.V.A. on its initial release. Not content to let their sci-fi shooter be remembered as an under appreciated also-ran Crazy Robot have finally released the eagerly anticipated v2.0 update for the game.

As promised we get massively overhauled graphics and environments, snazzy new additions to the arsenal, cleverer enemies, and some much needed gore. Oh, I almost forgot – and the developers have thrown in some zombies for good measure. Not just any old zombies either…but space zombies!

Over on iFanzine’s brand spanking new YouTube Channel Rod has been putting the new and improved Infinity Project through its paces and notes some major improvements such as the ability to suit up before battle, the fact you can now scavenge equipment from dead bodies, new enemy types, and the introduction of some epic boss encounters. Check out our exclusive footage now, including – Spoiler Alert! – the frantic finale which leads up to the announcement of a sequel…

From our full review: Best described as the thinking man’s N.O.V.A., The Infinity Project bravely takes on the big guns and emerges unscathed. Based on this evidence, Crazy Robot’s sophomore effort will go to infinity and beyond…!

First ten minutes of new gameplay: