The iPhone Version of Company of Heroes is Out Now

Classic RTS Company of Heroes is now available in an even more portable version than ever before. The game has been out on iPad for a few months, but now you can pick it up for iPhone as well.

This isn’t a whole new app, instead the iPad version that’s been on the App Store since February has now been updated to support iPhones. That’s really good news if you want to take on some of the fiercest battles of World War 2 from the comfort of the palm of your hand.

You’re going to need at least an iPhone 6S to run the game, and we’d say that the bigger the screen on your device, the more fun you’re going to have. That’s just a case of logistics, which, in the end, is what war is all about.

Company of Heroes redefined the RTS when it first landed in 2006, putting in place a lot of the mechanics that players have come to expect from the genre nowadays. With fast, fierce and incredibly deep combat, hefty dollops of tactics and much more, it’s easy to see why it’s lauded even now.

And you can get all of that on your iPhone. What an absolutely crazy future we live in. Click here and you can grab Company of Heroes from the App Store. The game will set you back $13.99, but if you’re a fan of the RTS it’s well worth it.

Have you already played the iPad version of Company of Heroes? Looking forward to being able to take your strategising around with you in your pocket? Make sure you let us know in the comments section below.