Help Kickstart the Epic Final Installment of SkyGoblin’s ‘The Journey Down’ Saga


Perhaps you’ve already heard of The Journey Down, a series by SkyGoblin — featuring an art style inspired by actual Makonde and Chokwe tribal masks — that has been affectionately described by many as a fusion of Monkey Island meets Grim Fandango. Already — since initially debuting back in 2012 — two whole chapters have been released not only on various PC platforms through Valve’s Steam, but also to iDevice users everywhere via iTunes. The series’ first two parts have even won many awards for their Jazz/Reggae influenced soundtrack, with SkyGoblin promising that Jamie Salisbury — the man whom previously produced the score for Chapter 2 — will be returning for Part 3.

However, despite having already produced two whole episodes — as well as finishing up conceptual pre-production on their trilogy’s grand closing-act — SkyGoblin has run into a bit of a financial conundrum. You see: whereas previous parts each focused on just one area, the last chapter — alongside resolving all plot threads involving the professor’s notebook — will additionally span multiple locations. Although they previously persevered via tightening their belts and gritting their teeth, SkyGoblin’s plans for The Journey Down’s finale are simply on a much larger financial commitment scale than ever before.

Seeing as how there’s only so far you can tighten that metaphorical belt before you risk harming yourself, the group recently turned towards Kickstarter’s community with a request for 300,000 SEK (or roughly $36,000 dollars). The love that many Graphic Adventure fans have for The Journey Down’s earlier entries was quickly apparent, seeing as how — with nineteen days remaining — more than $30k has already been pledged. Although it’s already looking extremely likely that SkyGoblin’s financial goals will be reached, there’s still much work to be done if Bwana and Kito are ever going to fully resolve the many mysteries surrounding the Professor’s notebook.

Currently — should you wish to see Bwana and Kito’s journey go out with a bang — a pledge of just $11 is all that’s needed to secure your very own launch copy of Episode 3, whereas a $24 pledge will secure the entire trilogy (sadly, these rewards are PC only). Furthermore — for those extra dedicated to helping out SkyGoblin — additional perks include: digital soundtrack downloads for the entire trilogy, your name in Episode 3’s credits, a physical production art-book, a special backer only T-Shirt, and so much more! However — should you now find yourself intrigued — please be sure to chip in your donations before October 31st rolls around, as that’s when Bwana and Kito — ready or not — have to embark on their final epic voyage.