The Kaiser 4 Gaming Chair Is Almost Here. Preorder Now for May 20th Shipping

Be honest: your gaming chair is your happy place. It’s where you spend most of your time, and it’s where you make all your favorite gaming memories. 

You’re not alone. Over the recent years, gaming chairs have shot up in popularity, sophistication, and cost, with some of the more expensive brands setting you back a couple of thousand bucks. 

That’s why we’re fans of AndaSeat, whose gaming chairs come packing all the features this particular class of furniture offers, but for considerably less money than many of their comparable counterparts.

The critically acclaimed AndaSeat Kaiser 3 is more than two years old now, and the company’s next model is waiting in the wings. 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current setup or contemplating your first gaming chair, we think the Kaiser 4 is a tempting proposition. Here’s what you can expect. 

Comfort, durability, and adjustment options were among the features most often singled out for praise in the Kaiser 3, so you can expect the same from this follow up.

Plus, the Kaiser 4 comes with 5D armrests (that basically means you can adjust them in a lot of ways), a magnetic head pillow, pop-out lumbar support, and stain-resistant leather—all in ten diverse designs. 

It has environmental credentials, too. The Kaiser 4 is made of sustainable materials, so you can enjoy your luxurious, perfectly engineered gaming chair in a guilt-free fashion. 

And the Kaiser 4 isn’t just aimed at those of us who want to remain glued to our desks. It’s sturdy and lightweight, making it just as suitable for mobile and portable gaming as it is for playing PC and console games. 

Even the price is right. The Kaiser 4 has an introductory rate of $649.99 – which is a snip for the finest gaming chair on the market. But you can save a massive amount by ordering it via the early bird sale, where the cost is driven down to just $499.99.

Head to the AndaSeat website to place your pre-order. Units are due to ship on May 20th.