The Last Ace of Space Review

Purr-fectly Addictive!

They say cats always land on their feet but that certainly ain’t the case for intrepid feline adventurer Ace, the star of Astro Crow’s innovative twist on the endless running genre (out now, $0.99), who having come a cropper on an alien planet instantly finds himself under attack and on the run from an outlandish array of extraterrestrial nogoodniks.

As Ace automagically sprints from left to right through this surreal, Dr. Seuss-like world, joined by his trusty sidekick (a hovering, farting blue hog), you’ve got to try and keep the duo alive for as long as possible by leaping over gaping chasms, ducking under obstacles, zapping enemies with your ray gun and frantically trying to stay one whisker ahead of a slobbering slime monster who’s constantly in hot pursuit.

The sidescrolling action moves at a fair ol’ clip and the game throws plenty of baddies your way, so thankfully The Last Ace of Space’s controls – a series of taps and swipes to pull off evasive maneuvers and fire your weapon – are remarkably intuitive and responsive. Also of note is the game’s absolutely hilarious powerup system that involves collecting green space beans and hitching a piggyback on your flatulant friend. Trust me, that has to be seen to be believed!

It’s not incredibly deep and only features a solitary endless level to play through, but, all in all, I really enjoyed The Last Ace of Space. The gameplay on offer here is considerably more complex and varied than that of your average endless running game, while its vibrant, retina display enhanced graphics, catchy soundtrack and irresistably daft selection of visual gags mean this title will undoubtedly appeal to iOS gamers both young and old. Game Center and Openfeint fans are in for a treat too as The Last Ace of Space boasts a leaderboard and set of achievements for both social gaming ecosystems.

iFanzine Verdict: Astro Crow’s debut soars thanks to addictive gameplay, dazzling visuals and a toe-tappingly funky score I just can’t get out of my head. Last Ace of Space is well worth a whirl for fans of the endless running genre seeking a fresh challenge. Or simply a giggle or two…

[xrr rating=3.5/5]