Help Kickstart ‘The Last Time’, a Fusion of Retro and Modern Point-And-Click Adventure Games


Jack Glover was a police officer forty years ago — out on a routine patrol with his partner — when their investigation of a break in went horribly wrong, and would then become a night that would leave the man with recurring nightmares for the rest of his entire life. Now in a home for assisted living — and having become a recluse that rarely ever goes out — those nightmares are pretty much all Jack has left, until a call comes in from someone claiming to know his old partner. Now Jack will find himself on adventure that tests his aging frailty, his problems bonding with people, his lack of familiarity with modern technology, and the many inner demons he’s been holding onto for the last forty years.

Thus goes the premise to The Last Time, an upcoming graphic adventure game by Daniel Black — featuring pixel art visuals — that aims to combine both old and new design approaches. Some people prefer the older graphic adventure games where you could click on anything and had lots of fiddly puzzles to solve, whereas other people prefer modern graphic adventure games that tend to be more focused on narrative and morality choices. Daniel Black — on the other hand — wants to make a point-and-click adventure game with lots of things to explore and puzzles to solve, all while still having a strong narrative where the choices you make early on will influence the outcome of later events.


Although Daniel Black has already put much time and work into developing The Last Time — which he plans to release on PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android — he recently approached Kickstarter with a request for £4,000 (of which half has been raised). However, these funds aren’t actually directly for the development of The Last Time itself; instead, Daniel is requesting this amount so that he can both commission a soundtrack and have the experience available in various other languages. With an entire twenty-one days still remaining on the Kickstarter, things currently seem hopeful that Jack Glover’s last hurrah — complete with an awesome soundtrack — will possibly see the light of day.

Those intrigued may check out a short game play demo, and afterwards — should they still be interested — secure their very own launch day copy for just £5 (unfortunately — due to complications — only the various PC versions will be available to project backers). Meanwhile — for those whom donate further — additional backer rewards include: having your name appear in the credits, a digital soundtrack download, a production art book, beta-tester access, appearing as an actual character inside the game itself, and much more. Finally — should you have an extra £400 on hand to burn — you can you receive the ultimate honor: receiving regular Skype conversations with Daniel Black himself, wherein you’ll collaborate together on the future direction of the game’s development!

Those now interested in Daniel Black’s fusion of modern and retro graphic adventure design aspects have until August 12th to chip in their donations, after which — without your help — officer Jack Glover just might be promoted to the great precinct in the sky.