The Latest Update to ‘Dragon Island Blue’ Comes Packing 20 Hours of New Gameplay!

537116_497918733587042_1255000766_nZigZaGame Inc.‘s Ryan Kelley just dropped iFanzine a line to let us know that mega-popular monster-collecting RPG Dragon Island Blue recently benefited from a rather substantial free content update.

And by “rather substantial,” I mean abso-freaking-lutely huge!

According to Ryan, this update adds “a good 20 hours to gameplay,” and includes the following new features: new monsters, a new area, new quests, a daily tournament, and much, much more!

In our full review we awarded Dragon Island Blue a fantastic 4/5 stars, calling it “a stellar game package for the price” and “an extremely heavyweight contender for anyone seeking a Pokémon-esque experience on their iOS device!”

So yeah, if you’ve been itching for a decent Pokémon-alike game on your iThingy of choice and haven’t yet tried Dragon Island Blue, there’s probably never been a better time to grab this critically acclaimed and content-packed title from the App Store.