The name’s Bond, James Bond – 007: Top Agent is out!

Good morning Miss Moneypenny… Secret agent, Bond, James Bond has infiltratrated the Appstore with a little help from Sony Pictures.

Unfortunately gameplay doesn’t exactly look that sauve or sophisticated; the screenshots depicting, what looks to be, an uninspired blend of 2D side scrolling fisticuffs and shoot ’em up action. Although iconic Bond villians, such as Jaws and Oddjob are included, along with the sort of weapons and gadgetry no self respecting spy leaves home without (exploding toothpaste, aftershave flamethrower etc).

Graphically the game is a bit of a dog, more Lazenby than Connery, you could say. But does at least aim to deliver multiplayer thrills, and features some intriguing RPG style customization and levelling up. Hmm…we’ll live and let die until we’ve spent some hands on time with the superspy. In the meantime here’s some footage of (the almost identical) cell phone game.