The new Cage map, and More, Has Landed for Call of Duty: Mobile for iPhone and iPad

The latest update for Call of Duty: Mobile landed for iOS and Android over the weekend, and it’s brought with it a huge chunk of frantic action that’s exclusive to the pocket-sized version of the massive franchise.

The new update, which you can download right now from the App Store and the Google Play Store, adds a fresh map to the MP rotation in the form of Cage. It’s a tightly fenced in experience, and results in plenty of close quarters scrapping that’s definitely going to get your blood pumping. The map is going to be available for Free-For-All and Team Deathmatch fights.

Get in the Cage

Cage isn’t going to be available on any other versions of CoD in the foreseeable future, having been designed from the ground up for mobile. So if you consider yourself a Call of Duty completionist, you’re going to have to pick up this pocket-sized gem to prove it.

Alongside the new map, the update adds a new Operator Skill. These are powerful weapons and skills that can really mess up your opponents if you use them at the right time. The new skill is called the H.I.V.E and takes the shape of a super-powerful machine gun. Who doesn’t want one of those, right?

On top of that there’s a brand new character in the form of Soap, who you might remember from the Modern Warfare series. There’s also a new battlepass called Disavowed. So that’s a whole bunch of stuff you can sink your teeth into, all while mowing down strangers with digitised high-powered weaponry. Sick. All of this was announced on the Call of Duty: Mobile Twitter page, which you can check out with a click here.

Cage Match

Call of Duty: Mobile has been breaking records left right and centre since it first landed on the App Store, with nearly 150 million downloads in its first month alone. If you’ve not played it yet, this is as good a time as any to rectify that fact. Click here and you can grab the game from the App Store.