The Next Update to Pastry Panic Promises to be “Almost a Whole New Game in Itself!”

Underground Pixel are gearing up to give their retro-flavored indie hit Pastry Panic a super-sized content expansion in the coming weeks. The update will add loads of fresh goodies to the mix, including an all-new game mode, additional environments, even more unlockable hats (!), another playable guest character, and much, much more besides. It’s little wonder then that the developers feel this is “almost a whole new game in itself!”

Underground Pixel’s Kevin Drew talks us through what fans can expect from the incoming Pastry Panic v1.2: “We’ve added a third mode to complete the trifecta. Get ready for Joyful Jumper! Before, there was one environment, the factory. We’ve now included three more: kitchen, freezer, and because so many asked for it, even space!

The list just keeps on rolling: we’ve put in a brand new icon and even a new loading screen! To help you score higher, there are also two new power-ups to add to the existing five, as well as an entirely updated set of chiptune tracks (set as default, you can revert via settings).

Want more? Let’s move to the shop. How about 5 new hats and another guest character? We even put in four new screen filters: red alert, vintage, invert, and rainbow! Also included are player-requested fixes, including a post-pause countdown before resume play, and tweaked controls so you cannot switch between belts accidentally in Mad Dash mode.”