The Northgard Multiplayer Update is Now Live on the App Store

It’s been a while coming, but the multiplayer update for Viking survival smash Northgard has finally arrived on the App Store. The update lets you play with or against up to six other players who are playing the game on mobile. Neat.

Multiplayer will be available in the Duel, Free-for-All and Teamplay modes, so you can choose how you take on your foes. You can even band together and try and survive the harsh, weird northern winters together.

Northgard is a game about colonizing a new continent. You choose your clan, then try and expand your territory, fighting off animals, other clans, hunger and the deep cold. It’s a lot of fun. Here’s a trailer for your eye holes.

The game is a premium release, with a number of different DLCs that add different clans to the experience. This multiplayer update is completely free, so you can take on your friends and foes without spending anything extra.

If you’ve been waiting for the multiplayer update until you picked up Northgard, you can click here to grab the game from the App Store right this second. It’ll set you back $8.99, and we reckon it’s worth every cent.