The OutCats Force PONOS into Compromise – One of Them To Become A Star

Following last week’s dramatic Cat Food heist and social media hack, The Battle Cats developer PONOS Corporation has arrived at a truce with The OutCats. 

Outlining the terms of truce in a November 24th statement, PONOS drew a close to one of the decade’s most shocking instances of criminal espionage.

The original incident saw The OutCats stealing 100 millions cans of Cat Food – the game’s principal currency – from a company warehouse. 

The gang then hacked PONOS Corporation’s social media accounts, where it published a ransom video explaining that its members had been unfairly rejected by The Battle Cats nine years earlier, and demanding membership. 

For as long as their exclusion continued, The OutCats explained, they would give away 999 cans of Cat Food to every player who logged in to the game, sparking a stampede. 

While the identities of The OutCats were unknown at the time of the video’s publication, PONOS Corporation has revealed that the trio of fatefully insufficient felines are called Trash Cat, Sick Cat, and Stealth Cat.

Apparently willing to write off the stolen 100 million cans of Cat Food and forgive the hack, PONOS Corporation has remained firm in its opposition to the Cats’ inclusion in The Battle Cats roster. 

Therefore, only one of them will be allowed to join. 

The choice of which one will be put to a public vote, with the winning candidate joining the game next spring. 

In a bid to woo voters, you can find the old audition tapes for the three OutCats, available to view on the PONOS Corporation YouTube Channel (and below). Fans have until December 3rd to cast their votes.

Meanwhile, The OutCats have agreed to distribute the remainder of the stolen Cat Food to a select few players. Nine voters will be chosen at random to receive a prize of 9,999 cans of Cat Food.

To take part in the process, all players need to do is log in to The Battle Cats and buy a Rare Cat Ticket. You can download The Battle Cats on Android and iOS

PONOS Corporation’s full statement is available on the company’s recently recovered social media channels.