The Pathless is a Brilliant Archery Adventure, Out Now on Apple Arcade

The Pathless from Giant Squid and Annapurna Interactive has launched on Apple Arcade. It’s a brilliant, fast-paced adventure that sees you trying to fight back the darkness that’s consuming your world.

You’re playing the last archer, sprinting around a forbidding island trying to destroy the gloom and restore some balance. You fire arrows to charge up your dash meter, letting you traverse the wide-open spaces with speed and style.

The game looks gorgeous, and the controls are pretty much spot on. There’s a grace to your movements that makes every moment feel exciting. Chuck a brilliant story on top of that and you’ve got yourself another must play on Apple Arcade.

There are some really brilliant ideas on show here, and the mix of action and exploration is spot on. Every second of the game is imbued with a thrill that plenty of other games would kill for.

You can download The Pathless right now by clicking here. You’ll need an Apple Arcade subscription, but quite frankly you should already have one of those, because Apple Arcade is a stunning collection of some of the best mobile games in the world.

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