The Portable-Only Bus Simulator City Ride Is Out Now on iOS, and Android

Bus Simulator City Ride is the newest entry in the popular Bus Simulator series, and the first to appear on mobile devices. You can buy it right now on iOS, Android, and Switch. 

Initially announced way back in June, Bus Simulator City Ride is a visually impressive public transport sim. It sees you driving around in Havensburg, a fictional city based on a number of different cities throughout northern Europe. 

Havensburg has plenty of landmarks to take in, as well as several different districts to visit. These include the harbor, the warehouse district, the old town, and an expanse of countryside. 

As you proceed through the story campaign you’ll add more districts to the map, expanding your route until the entire city is under your control.

ALL the Buses

There’s a variety of buses to drive, too, including models from Alexander Dennis, Vicinity Motor Corp, Blue Bird, BYD, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania, Setra, MAN, and IVECO BUS. There are double deckers, electric models, articulated buses, and more. 

Basically, if it exists in the world of buses, you’ll get to drive it – or something like it – in Bus Simulator City Ride. 

Developer stillalive studios has gone to lengths to ensure that each of these models looks as accurate as possible. This applies both to the outside and to the cockpit.

Bus Simulator City Ride is a faithful driving sim and a well-balanced strategy game. But it has an additional feather in its bow in the form of some charming sections of spoken dialogue. 

Not only will you take full control of Havensburg’s public transport network, but you’ll get to know its citizens too. 

The game even gives you the opportunity to take a busman’s holiday. If you are playing on Switch Sandbox mode lets you explore Havensburg at your leisure, taking in the sights and admiring your handiwork without having to deal with passengers or timetables. 

You can download Bus Simulator City Ride on the Google Play Store, the iOS App Store, and the Nintendo eShop. 

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