The Quirky Stars of ‘Squids’ Being Given the Comic Book Treatment!

The quirky cast of characters from The Game Bakers’ Squids and its recently released sequel, Squids Wild West, are the latest mobile gaming icons to be given the comic book treatment by Ape Entertainment — the folks behind the eternally popular Pocket God Comics and Cut the Rope: Comic.

Ape Entertainment have revealed plans to launch a full-color comic book series in print as well as a comics app that will charter the continuing adventures of this beloved crew of unusually heroic cephalopods.

“In terms of graphics and storytelling, the Squids games already have a lot in common with comics, so continuing and expanding the adventure in comic books is a natural step,” says Audrey Leprince, The Game Bakers’ COO and cofounder. “Ape Entertainment has a proven track record within the comics industry and we’re excited to partner with them to bring our hungry fans more of the Squids stories they love.”

“What attracted us to the Squids property was its gorgeous cartoon art, comical storyline and intriguing characters,” said David Hedgecock, CEO of Ape Entertainment. “This combination is the perfect setup to expand upon its rich storyline and dive deeper into the backstory for an underwater adventure fans will love to read and explore.”

Both the iOS comics app and the comic book series are set to be released in the coming months; find out more over on The Game Bakers and Ape Entertainment’s official sites — which you can find here and here respectively. If you’re a Squids fan, you may also be interested in checking out our full reviews of both games and our interview with The Game Bakers from a little while back.