The Seed Review

The Seed (out now, $0.99), now a universal app, is a physics-based puzzle game with simple comic-styled graphics. Within this world created by Little Bit Games, the land is largely barren and the few seeds in existence need your help to get to the scattered green plots available. The only tools at your disposal are droplets of water. And like any other precious commodity, water is limited.

TheSeed1To bring your water to hand, you’ll have to trace out a semi-circle, which calls forth a flower-shaped ring of “petals”, some filled with water droplets, and some empty. From there, you can place droplets at strategic points. Once the seed falls onto a water droplet, it will be propelled in whichever direction you set for the droplet. You can also control the magnitude of the propulsion. Through the use of several droplets, you can guide the seed toward the patch of greenery.

Since this is a physics-based game, the water droplets also adhere to the laws of gravity. Sometimes you’ll need to place one or more droplets at a higher level—on a slope or positioned for a vertical fall—so they’ll tumble down to give the seed a secondary splash in mid-air. As you progress through the levels you will encounter different obstacles, including wind, which may either help or hinder you.

TheSeed2Solving the puzzles is partly an explorative process. You may not get it right on the first try, but luckily, you’re not made to start all over again. You can keep tweaking the position of your water droplets, as well as their propulsion strength and angle, until you get the seed planted. Often there may be multiple solutions, although you’ll want to drive the seed to the green as fast as possible for a better timing.

The Seed currently offers 28 well-thought-out levels. That is quite brief, but Little Bit Games promises more levels in a future update.

iFanzine Verdict: The Seed is a challenging physics-based game that thrives on its simplicity. Unlike many other similar games, The Seed gives you only one tool (water droplets), but this is in no way limiting. The one downside to this game is its brevity, but at just $0.99 and with more levels promised, it’s well worth buying.