‘Sneaky Monster’ Skulks Onto PC and Mobile in 2016

When asked what the “Make” option on his OUYA did, Tom Rockwell decided to introduce his seven-year-old son to the infinite-playground that is the world of game development. With his son helping to call the shots, they together designed a game about a one-eyed monster who must sneak into 24 different houses, all while successfully scaring the child inside (but don’t get caught in the process). Additionally — if you seek absolute mastery — you’ll need to help the monster find five pieces of candy hidden within each house as well, all while making sure to get back outside before the sun comes up.

Sadly — after working on the game with his son for the last two years straight — Tom Rockwell began to realize this project could go on forever, at least so long as he still had to deal with numerous other obligations. It was for this reason that he recently approached Kickstarter’s community with a humble request for $1,750 in dedicated development funds, and in returned received over $2,000 from various donors. Now — with funds in hand — Tom expects Sneaky Monster to arrive sometime early next year on both PC and mobile devices, after which he’ll be splitting the proceeds with his children.