The Upcoming Outfoxed Looks Like a Seriously Awesome Stealthy Platformer!

In a recent blog post Billy Goat Entertainment, the folks behind the well-received joust ’em up KnightyKnight, revealed some juicy details about their fantastic-looking new iOS game, Outfoxed:

Outfoxed is a 3D platformer where you assume the role of a smooth talking fox (voiced by the Northern Irish TV legend that is Jackie Fullerton, MBE) attempting to raid his local chicken farm in a bid to acquire a tasty lunch. Although once the farm’s occupants get wind of what is happening they’ll attempt to put an end to our bushy tailed friend, unless of course, you manage to outfox them.”

Now, I’m not entirely sure if it’s due to the game’s wily protagonist, farmyard setting or cartoonish presentation and charming, chunky visuals (or indeed a combination of all three), but watching the trailer for Outfoxed immediately put me in mind of one of my all-time favorite games of the PSone era, Infogrames’ Sheep, Dog, ‘n’ Wolf (aka Sheep Raider). Anyone else remember that brilliant title?

Anyhow, suffice it to say, we’ll be keeping a watchful eye on how development on this one is progressing, and should have a full review ready in time for launch day. While you wait for that, you can always sneak on over to Billy Goat’s official site or stalk ’em on Twitter for more info.

Outfoxed™ Farmer’s Wife Gameplay from Billy Goat Entertainment Ltd on Vimeo.