The Walking Dead: Survivors Launching Next Week

If you’ve been itching to play some more Walking Dead-themed games on your iPhone or iPad, then your wait is nearly over. The Walking Dead: Survivors is set to land on the App Store next week. On April 12th, to be exact.

The game mixes together tower defense, PvP, and collecting characters from the comic books alongside new friends and allies. It’s already had 1.5 million pre-registrations across iOS and Android, so you know it’s going to be particularly popular.

You need to build up your town, fortifying it up against hordes of walkers, as well as protecting it from the attentions of other players and AI-controlled human survivors. Basically everyone is trying to kill you.

The game is going to be free to play and will feature fan-favorite characters like Rick, Hershel and Glenn, alongside some new faces. There’ll be IAP, as you might expect, but you’ll be able to pick up and play the game for nowt.

If you want more information on The Walking Dead: Survivors, click here to check out the game’s official website. And keep an eye out on the App Store where the game is set to go live on April 12th.