‘The Way’ Is a 2D Sci-Fi Platformer That Pays Homage to ‘Another World’ and ‘Heart of Darkness’


The team at Play Way — a group of Polish programmers — recently noticed that it had been a rather long while since the last time that a game similar to Another World (our review), Heart of Darkness, or even Flashback had been released. Greatly desiring to again see a new game combine such similar themes of artistry and emotion, all within a sci-fi universe, the team quickly realized there was only one thing they could possibly do to rectify this matter. The end result was one wherein Play Way resolved that they themselves must obviously create the game they had been yearning for, which in turn led to the debut project after which their company was named: The Way.

The Way follows a member of a space exploration team — living in the distant far off future — whom recently became distraught after a colleague’s death, a turn of affairs which he has refused to accept. Remembering that he previously translated ancient alien runes that spoke of a path to eternal existence, the man exhumed his friend’s corpse and returned once more to the strange planet. Although Play Way doesn’t yet want to divulge all of their game’s secrets, it is safe to say that the man will have to solve many puzzles — and survive various dangers — if he is to unravel the many mysteries that block his path.

a38867dc346f4fdc00fc09c2b1a80d61_largeThe Polish designers — as a result of their great convictions — have already expended $20,000 of their own funds upon The Way, which — judging by their recent trailer — seems to be shaping up very nicely indeed. In fact, their recent request for an additional $15,000 through Kickstarter — so that they might could speed up production — was even met with absolute success within just five days. It would therefore seem that many of those whom saw the team’s impressive trailer had also long been awaiting the debut of a new spiritual successor to games such as Another World, Heart of Darkness, or even Flashback.

Although the primary edition of The Way has already now been set in stone, the developers have promised to further release their retro-masterpiece on iOS if their Kickstarter’s coffers reach a grand total of $25,000 (which currently seems rather likely). Those interested in helping to realize this iOS stretch goal — or even merely secure a day one copy on the PC, as well as their own name within the game’s credits — can currently submit a donation of just $15 (although there is also a limited $10 option if you act fast). Meanwhile — for those whom donate far more generously — Play Way has prepared higher tiered rewards such as: physical/digital copies of The Way’s soundtrack, posters, T-Shirts, and even the chance to help design an alien that will actually appear in the game itself!

Even though Play Way’s project is already standing upon firm ground, those interested in contributing to the Kickstarter should remember that it has been scheduled to end — with or without them — once June 4th rolls around.