There’s $15,000 up for Grabs this February with Trivia App Skilli World

Players of popular trivia app Skilli World are accustomed to winning generous cash prizes, but February promises to create a whole new wave of winners.

To celebrate several months of stellar growth following the app’s launch last September, Skilli is giving away $15,000 for free throughout the month. It hopes to attract new players, of course, while also giving something back to all the trivia fans who have fuelled its meteoric rise.

For the uninitiated, Skilli World is a mobile quiz game set in deep space, where somebody has created Caribbean outpost. It’s best not to dwell on the science. 

This outpost is made up of several different space huts, where players can take part in Daily Mastermind Tournaments at a set time every day. Themes include Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Friends, and various other topics culled from the worlds of TV, film, music, science, history, and so on.

This means you’re always in with a chance – just keep an eye on the in-game noticeboard to see which quizzes are on the schedule. If your pet subject comes along, you’re pretty much guaranteed a windfall. 

Skilli World’s USP is its sheer accessibility. Unlike other trivia apps, all of its questions are true or false, meaning your chances of getting the right answer are never less than 50/50. Each DMT consists of just five questions, and if you get one wrong you can use a SkillUP – essentially an extra life – to keep yourself in contention. 

You only get one SkillUP once you register, but you can earn more for free by sharing your referral code with friends, family, and other players.

If you answer all five questions correctly you’re guaranteed to win a share of the prize fund, and here’s where Skilli World’s other great USP comes in. 

While there are bigger prize pots in the trivia app world, Skilli World restricts the number of entrants to each contest so that winnings are shared between fewer players, meaning everybody comes away with a decent chunk of change. 

Skilli World also gives its extra lives away for free instead of charging for them. Instead, it charges an entry fee to take part in a DMT – but throughout February you’ll be able to enter for free and compete for a share of $15,000.

Just download the game right now on the App Store (with the Android version available via the Samsung Galaxy Store or